About Us

Shenzhen Fortress Information Technology Co., Ltd.is a professional high-tech company which focus on the barcode identification and barcode application system integration technology.With the advantage of professional talents and rich experience,Fortress can provide customers variety of barcode management solutions , to help customers improving operation efficiency and increasing brands value.

Through introducing the advanced barcode application technology,Fortress can supply variety of different solutions for different industry, such as :

Logistics and distribution management system

Warehouse management system

Wireless data acquisition system for production line

After-sales service tracking system

Fixed assets management system

Book rental/sales management system

Shopping malls/supermarket POS managements system

Enterprise ERP barcode implementation program system


  Our successful application solution examples:   

RFID Solution Application For Huawei Exhibition

Huawei fixed assets WiFi printing equipment

High Temperature Labels for TCL, MIUI,FOXOM Factory

Scanning equipment or TP-LINK and HISENSE

Visual Inspection product for Granda



What we supply ?

Barcode Printer: SNBC,ZEBRA ,TEC (Toshiba), CITIZEN, DATAMAX  etc.

Barcode Scanner/Collector: MOTO (Motorola), Honeywell (Honeywell), UNITECH etc.

Visual Inspection/Scan Module:MICROSCAN

Kinds of Labels: High Temperature Label, Coated Paper Label, Light Pink Paper Label, Thermal Paper Label, Matte Silver PET Label, White PET, PVC, Anti-theft Label and other materials Labels

RFID electronic smart labels

Thermal Transfer Ribbions :Wax-based, Semi-wax semi-mixed base resin, Resin-based, Washed-Mark special resin ribbons

Raw Brand: South Korea SKC, Japan's Ricoh RICOH, Japan's Sony SONY