Epson T137 Printer

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Epson T137 Printer

Laser printer since its inception, by virtue of the large amount of print and print the advantages of low cost, by the high number of users of the high amount of printing, especially as the cost of life, such as business users, but also to its greedy. For a time, commercial inkjet printer seems to fade out people's vision, but I do not know which genius invented the "enterprise with laser, home with ink" such a "famous", misleading a lot of business users choice.

Indeed, there was a period of time, business jet printer supplies high cost, to the laser printer can take advantage of the machine. But the past does not mean now, but not the future. Smart consumers if the abandonment of the inherent concept, re-examine the market, you will find today's printing printer cartridges in the amount of print and print costs have been past, has caught up with even more than the laser printer.

After Xiao Bian on the printing supplies market nearly a year of observation found that the leader of which is undoubtedly the Epson business micro-piezoelectric inkjet printer K100 and commercial micro-piezoelectric inkjet machine K200 standard T1371 cartridge. It is understood that, T1371 under the Epson T137 cartridge series, not only print volume, and single-page printing costs low, print quality, to the majority of business users to bring triple surprise. Here, Xiaobian to come to you in detail.

T1371 black cartridge

T1371 black cartridge

Surprise one: small cartridge large capacity

Epson K100 / K200 business jet printer break through the traditional inkjet printer, ink cartridges in the capacity to do enough effort. It is estimated that Epson T1371 cartridge can print about 1000 pages each, and ordinary laser printer to fill a powder almost the amount of printing, and K100 / K200 dual ink cartridge design, two T1371 black ink can print about 2000 pages, almost satisfied Users 1-2 months of print volume, which greatly reduces the number of users frequently replace the cartridge.

Surprise two: single page printing costs low

In addition to the large amount of printing, T137 series of single-page printing cost is very low. Epson K100 / K200 on the standard black ink cartridges T1371, for example, the market price of about 240 yuan / two, a total of about 2000 pages can be printed, single page printing costs to 0.12 yuan, only the desktop black and white laser printer original drum 1/3, almost equal with the filling powder.

Surprise three: excellent print quality

Epson T137 cartridge large capacity and low print costs have been a great surprise to the user spray, but the bigger surprise comes from its excellent print quality. It is understood that, T137 cartridge with Epson unique DURABrite Ultra full color waterproof pigment ink, even if the print file accidentally leaching rain, or sprinkle the water, it will not bleed. In addition, the lightfastness of the ink is conducive to the preservation of the file for a long time, quick-drying feature can ensure that the print side can print the other side, a substantial increase K100 / K200 double-sided printing speed.

Epson T137 ink cartridges of the three surprises, no doubt for a long time to spill the market has brought vitality, its beyond the laser printer printing and printing cost advantage is bound to change the existing printer market structure. 2012 is approaching, really look forward to next year there will be more like the market T137 cartridges such as the emergence of pioneers.
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