Wireless Barcode: accelerating apparel industry information

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Wireless bar code recognition: to accelerate the clothing industry information

Into the dazzling shopping center, you can see a variety of clothing stores everywhere. If the customer due to size or style out of stock and out of a store, for the brand of clothing, it will mean that the customer may be lost forever. As the clothing industry to enter the low threshold, fierce competition, the market to choose from the numerous brands, coupled with the irreplaceability between the brand is relatively low, which makes the competition between the brand more tragic. But in addition to the price, style of these traditional means of competition, and now more clothing manufacturers choose to use information technology to enhance the brand's market competitiveness.

Compared with the well-known international brands, China's clothing brand both in brand history, brand awareness or brand value there is a big gap. From the perspective of brand building, the creation and operation of brand enterprises, there are four factors essential, that is the price, product quality, marketing and channels. And among the four factors can be seen everywhere between the power of information technology. Information can be the production process, marketing process, management process re-integration of a unified, efficient, with rapid response capability of business processes, thus creating a higher customer value and business value.

For the clothing business, personalized service requirements are extremely strong, the fastest change, so the role of information technology is very prominent. At present, most of China's garment enterprises are labor-intensive enterprises, its degree of automation is still relatively low, which to the apparel industry to achieve a great degree of difficulty. The business process of the garment business is very complex and cumbersome, and many garment enterprises need to deal with hundreds of thousands of inventory units every day, and to manage countless styles, structures, customer identities and even more data. Especially in the supply chain management, in order to prevent the one hand, store code out of stock, and on the other hand branch and factory warehouse and the accumulation of accumulation of mountains of the phenomenon of inventory, it is necessary to store, Factory inventory information integration. In order to strengthen procurement and inventory control, garment companies need to improve the transparency of supply chain management, to be able to accurately track the raw materials, processing and final products.

Practice has proven that effective control of market demand and supply chain can help companies simplify complexity, monitor cash flow, avoid over-expansion and under-work. For the garment manufacturing enterprises, due to a wide variety of raw materials, raw material warehouse management often cost a lot of manpower. Moreover, as the industry to enter the threshold is relatively low, the main competition in the performance of the brand and services, for retail outlets, whether to provide consumers with the satisfaction of goods is essential. In addition, reducing the cost of the channel is also the manufacturer must consider the issue. In this highly complex management, accurate forecasting, material procurement management, production planning and distribution management is particularly important. Faced with these problems, the wireless bar code solution has become one of those who are trying to enhance the brand value of the clothing business.

Rimula's new running shoes

Rimula (China) Co., Ltd. was established in 1980, currently has 230 million yuan in fixed assets, all kinds of professionals and employees a total of more than 3,000 people. Since September 2000 to carry out franchise business since, Junba has been in the country's 32 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions set up a general agent or franchisee, has more than 2,000 stores and large and medium-sized cities shopping malls 1200 Rimula products Monopoly outlets, sales The network is all over the country. November 2004 "Rimula" by the China Trade and Industry Bureau Trademark Office approved as "China Famous Brand", and for three consecutive years selected "China 500 most valuable brand" list, the brand value of up to 5.653 billion yuan. In 2005, Rimula became the "Chinese famous brand" and "national Mianjian" products.

After 26 years of development, Rimula has grown into a well-known domestic men's brand. As the business volume continues to expand, more and more complex clothing materials, different colors, models, lot number of raw materials more and more warehouse management and distribution business has been unable to meet the demand for a higher level of development. In the rupiah distribution, as a result of the daily warehouse out of the number of goods and varieties of items is very large, the current simply rely on manual inspection of the library situation, can not avoid a variety of styles, models mixed when the wrong goods, The And because the production and finished product warehouse can not keep abreast of market feedback, often the market needs of the product in the warehouse is not reserves, and the market is not ideal product sales but accumulate mountains, resulting in a lot of waste. In order to change the above situation, Rimula hopes to find a more efficient and efficient information technology solutions.
After reviewing a number of system solutions, Rimula has deployed wireless barcode management solutions from Symbol Technologies and its partner, Xiamen Fine Code Electronic Systems, Inc., in warehouses and specialty stores. The solution includes the implementation of wireless warehouse management system in Ruling's bunker and finished warehouse, real-time data collection through stores and stores in barcode recognition system, and timely sharing and communication with headquarters to solve Rendezvous's warehouse management and supply chain Management problems. Currently Rimula's wireless bar code system process consists mainly of the following links: out of the library collection, scan results query, distribution warehouse inventory, store inventory.


When the library is collected, the operator automatically scans a barcode with the MC3000 each time, and the system automatically accumulates the number of categories that have been scanned and compares the total number of scans that have been scanned with the planned shipments of the category in the original shipper , If equal to or greater than, are given the appropriate tips, and no longer accept the same category scanning. Each time you scan the box number and the corresponding bar code will be stored in the barcode interface table, but also record some other useful information, such as operator code, shipper number, shipping date and so on.

In the distribution warehouse inventory, the operator uses the MC3000 to scan the bar code of the goods, the data is returned to the barcode interface table in real time to form a temporary inventory. Rimula background system to deal with bar code interface table in the inventory, and the system to compare the differences, the formation of inventory differences can be items by item, by location or warehouse, such as pumping plate.


In the store inventory, the use of MC1000 scan bar code products, when the completion of a number of data collection, through the cradle to collect the data returned to the bar code interface table, the formation of temporary inventory single, software implementation can be directly through the development language call ActiveSync API, access to MC1000 data. Rimula background system processing bar code interface table in the inventory, and the system to compare the differences, the formation of inventory differences report. Through the wireless bar code solution, Rimula can at any time on the number of stores and warehouses inventory, and in the past, this work requires at least 30 employees at full capacity to work two days to complete. Symbol's wireless barcode solution significantly increases Rimh's supply chain efficiency and market responsiveness.


The system has been in July 2006 the official operation, Rimula plans in its nearly 300 stores equipped with MC1000, in the finished product warehouse and material warehouse equipped with MC3000. Through the use of Symbol's solution, Rimula greatly improves the efficiency of the supply chain, reducing the error rate of cutting errors and reducing the warehouse staff to follow up and solve the error spent a lot of time. In the supply chain management, as the current sales information can be shared with the headquarters in time, Rimula can be replenished in a timely manner. Fast and efficient logistics links greatly improve the Rimula market reaction speed and brand competitiveness. For the decision-making level, timely and accurate data collection, so that it can quickly grasp the information, rapid response, rapid decision-making, effectively improve the management efficiency.

Case Source: China Automatic Identification Network

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