Label Category Description

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Label Category Description

Self-adhesive label classification (a)

   1. By application range
   ① decoration with the label
   Mainly to the film, mainly for cars, motorcycles on the decorative decals, logo on the logo on the text, the reflective film on the highway, the container on the mark and so on.
   ② trademark label
   To paper and film-based, can be divided into basic labels and variable information labels.
   a. Basic labels: food and beverage, industrial products, chemical products, pharmaceuticals, office supplies, toys, cosmetic products, electrical appliances, health supplies and other goods with labels;
   b. Variable information label: batch number, order code, bar code, production date, validity, price, mail process information processing, distribution, warehouse management, inventory data.

   2. According to the label of the service industry
   ① beverages
   ② food category
   ③ alcohol
   ④ day of the product category
   ⑤ medical drugs category
   ⑥ industrial supplies category
   ⑦ other such as security and logistics management category
   3. According to the performance of the adhesive points
   ① permanent label: paste the paste in the label after the paste, it is difficult not to damage the label under the premise of the label to remove the whole, such as anti-theft security labels and so on.
   ② Removable label: After the label is pasted on the sticker, the label can be removed from the object and the adhesive on the label is not damaged.
   4. According to the form of non-Jiaojiao label points
   ① leaflet form, usually used for manual labeling.
   ② reel form, most for automatic labeling.
   5. Do not pressThe face of the label
   ① paper stickers
   ② film type adhesive material
   ③ special stickers material
   ② low temperature type
   ③ high temperature type
   ④ special type
   ⑤ corrosion-resistant type

Self-adhesive label classification (2)

 1. writing paper, offset paper labels

    Multi-purpose label paper for information labels, bar code printing labels, especially for high-speed laser printing, also applies to inkjet printing.

    2. Coated paper stickers

    Multi-color label of the universal label paper for pharmaceuticals, food, edible oil, wine, beverages, electrical appliances, stationery information labels.

    3. Special light coated paper stickers label

    Multi-color label with high gloss label paper, for drugs, food, edible oil, wine, beverages, electrical appliances, stationery, information labels.

    4. Aluminum foil stickers label

    Multi-color product label of the common label paper for pharmaceuticals, food, stationery and high-end information labels.

    5. Laser laser film stickers label

    Multi-color product label of the universal label paper, for cultural products, decorations, high-end information labels.

    6. Easy shredding stickers

    For the electrical, mobile phones, drugs, food and other anti-counterfeiting seals, peeled off the stickers after the label paper immediately broken, can not be reused.

    7. Thermal paper stickers label

    For information such as price tags and other retail uses

    8. Heat transfer paper sticker label

    Suitable for microwave ovens,

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