Barcode foolproof detector A8


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Easy to install: small size, similar to a "fixed phone." It doesn't take up anywhere on the production line, and installation is very easy.


Simple operation: simple interface, classic NG/OK display judgment result, product check setting is simple.


Ready to use: Only 1 minute of training is required, and workers can operate.

The main function


Repeated alarm: When A8 detects that the barcode is repeated, the system displays NG, the red light is on, and an alarm sounds to alert the operator.


Leakage alarm: This function is mainly used in the automatic streamline. When a fixed scan head is used for barcode scanning, if the product passes, the barcode of the product is not scanned. The system will display NG, the red light will be on, and an alarm will sound, and a 24V switch signal will be output.


Error alarm: When A8 detects that the scanned barcode is not the current similar product, the system displays NG, the red light is on, and an alarm sounds, prompting the operator



Interface 100M Ethernet port, RS232 1

System WindowsCe6.0

CPU sumsun Cortex-A8

Main frequency 1GHz

Memory 512MB DDRII 256MB NandFlash

Display 7inch resistive screen, 800×480

Extended SD card controller × 1, USB × 2

Working conditions Wide voltage 24VDC, current: 3A Operating temperature: -10°C~60°C