LTS-2BRS strip light source


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LTS-2BRS strip light source

The new high-bright uniform strip light source 2BRS series, based on the excellent design of the new strip light source 2BR series, replaces the high-angle patch LED with high diffusivity and high transmittance diffuser plate, which can produce very uniform light. In some cases, it can be used as a backlight. The specially designed heat sink ensures the brightness of the light source while keeping the temperature of the light source low.


   *Using a large angle LED array design, good uniformity

   * It adopts aluminum alloy one-piece design and has good heat dissipation.

   * Made with precision molds, with small differences between batches

   * Dimensional and flexible, easy to customize

   *Multiple transmittance diffuser boards are available

    Industry application:

      1. Metal surface defect detection

      2. Printed character defect detection

      3. Edge defect detection


照度特性图                                                                    均匀性分布图






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