RJS D4000+ barcode detector

RJSD4000具有两种不同的扫描头可以供连接,Auto-Optic扫 描头和Laser(激光)扫描头,共有九种不同的光学配制,安装方 便,基本上可以使用于各种场合的要求。Auto-Optic: Auto-Optic是RJS公司专为ANSI条形码等级分析开发研制的,它是一款工业级的ANSI检测仪,具有 四种孔径尺寸,两种波长可进行八中光学排列。适合所有的 ANSI X

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The RJSD4000 has two different scanning heads for connection, Auto-Optic scanning head and Laser scanning head. There are nine different optical configurations.

It is easy to use and can be used in various occasions.

Auto-Optic: Auto-Optic is developed by RJS for ANSI bar code grade analysis. It is an industrial grade ANSI detector with

Four aperture sizes, two wavelengths can be arranged in eight optical arrangements. Suitable for all ANSI X3.182 barcode requirements.


The D4000 with laser scanning head is an extremely easy to use spotlight scanner that does not require any training and can analyze many

The basic barcode parameters are used to calculate the decoding rate and the percentage of decoding.


Technical Parameters

Detection method

Tradition / American Standard

scanning method

ANSI Mode (Auto-OPtic)

Laser Mode

Detection code system

Code 39; USS, w/mod43, AIAG B-1, B3/4/5/10, LOGMARS, HIBC

UPC/EAN including 2 and 5 digit supplemental codes

Code 128; USS, UCC/EAN 128 (see Unique ANSI and Laser Mode Features)

USS Codabar

Interleaved 2 of 5; USS, Case Code, w/ Mod 10 Check Digit

User Interface

1, four buttons: On, Print, Select, Enter

2, 4 lines LCD display 20 characters per line

3, 5 cue lights – display bar code level

4, voice recognition test results (work, failure, battery power is too low)

Optional accessory

1, printer: TP140A

2, battery charger (can be used as AC power without battery)

3, nickel-cadmium battery

Physical parameter

Length 198 mm x width 117 mm x height 48 mm

Way comparison

scanning method

ANSI Mode (Auto-OPtic)

Laser Mode

basic skills

Two modes: 3, 5, 10, 20 mil

3, 6, 10, 20 mil

Two wavelengths: 660 and 925 nm

UCC/EAN128 data format detection: AI 00 AI01

Two lines of liquid crystal display decoding rate,

UCC/EAN 128 (AI) data format detection

Store print or database features,

20K permanent storage

Parameter analysis

All ANSI method parameters

Application compliance

Plus traditional analyses

Traditional parameters (except reflectance)

Data comparison

Percent decode

concrete application

1. Scan the bar code using thermal or laser printing

Carry scanner

2. Bar code for transport on pleated surfaces

3. Bar code with larger size in X direction (>25mil)

4. Use IR ray inspection

5. X-direction multi-size printing barcode

6. Measuring material reflectivity

7. UPC code on the plane

1. a bar code on a curved surface;

2. Barcodes on wrinkled or pleated surfaces;

3. Wet, not dry barcode;

4. Highly teach small barcodes;

5. The AI or data format requires a distracted UCC/EAN code;

6. Data matching;

7. The laser printer is printed, which has a special ANSI decoding rate.

Required, used in the analysis of the barcode;