Animal poultry ear special RFID electronic core

参数特性: 尺寸:92*27*2mm/57*48*2mm/67*49*2mm/Φ30mm基材:TPU防护等级:IP66工作温度:-25℃~85℃环境温度:-40℃~125℃频段:LF(134.2KHz125Khz)协议:ISO 11784/ISO 11785内存:64~512Bits安装方式:耳钉扣 应用领域:RFID动物管理电子标签RFID猪耳标RFID牛耳标RFID鸽子脚环

  • Model:

Parameter characteristics:


Size: 92*27*2mm/57*48*2mm/67*49*2mm/Φ30mm

Substrate: TPU

Protection level: IP66

Working temperature: -25°C~85°C

Ambient temperature: -40 ° C ~ 125 ° C

Frequency band: LF (134.2KHz125Khz)

Agreement: ISO 11784/ISO 11785

Memory: 64~512Bits

Installation method: earring buckle


Application areas:

RFID animal management electronic label

RFID pig ear tag

RFID cattle ear tag

RFID pigeon foot ring

RFID animal livestock tracking management electronic label

RFID pig, cattle and sheep management electronic label

RFID food safety traceability management system

Food safety traceability management system for pigs, cattle and sheep

Food safety traceability system for meat, vegetables, etc.


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