UHF anti-metal electronic label

 规格可定制RFID抗金属标签,由耐用的阻燃剂4(FR-4)层压材料做成,可承受200℃的高温(可放入油中)、高湿度和高达15-bar的压力。此外,这款标签还可承受振动和机械冲击,能够抵抗化学危险品,如硫酸和盐水。不同厂家制作的RFID抗金属标签都有各自的性能差异,深科STM系列的产品符合EPC Class 1 Gen 2和18000-6C协议,RoHS标准,防护等级为IP68,可以在北

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RFID anti-metal label, made of durable flame retardant 4 (FR-4) laminate, can withstand temperatures up to 200 ° C (in oil), high humidity and pressures up to 15-bar. In addition, the tag can withstand vibration and mechanical shocks and is resistant to chemical hazards such as sulfuric acid and salt water. RFID anti-metal tags manufactured by different manufacturers have their own performance differences. The products of SEK STM series comply with EPC Class 1 Gen 2 and 18000-6C protocols, RoHS standards, protection class IP68, and can be used in North America, Europe and Japan. Working at the frequency, you can also internally encode the label. The code is hexadecimal. When you use it, you only need to do a plug-in conversion. Use 900M read/write device and the good PC software. Various data can be stored inside the electronic chip. The UHF tag of the STM-9011 is the longer of this tag series, measuring 90 x 11 x 3.4 mm. Its excellent linear design makes it possible to identify metal objects in many narrow environments. .

RFID anti-metal tag labels work in high temperature environments with stable performance and are ideal for IT assets that require narrow RFID metal tags such as computer mainframes, switches, server chassis, aluminum strips and shelf identification.


The wide use scenarios are as follows:


1. Warehousing asset management;

2. Indoor equipment management;

3. IT asset management;

4. Sheet metal management;

5. Installation of metal surface asset management with narrow position.

An excellent UHF metal-resistant label STM-9011 should have the following advantages:

1. Alien H3/H4/Monza M4 chip is optional;

2. There are two main installation methods: adhesive and mounting hole;

3. Appearance color is optional;

4. The substrate material is glass fiber and is not flammable;

5.CBO sealant, resistant to 300 degrees of burning for a few minutes, the stability and reliability of the chip;

6. R1 fillet ensures that it will not scratch the customer during use.



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