ZT400 series RFID printer

ZT410 RFID 工业打印机 ZT410 RFID 打印机/编码器采用彩色或黑白显示屏,打印宽度为 4 英寸,打印速度高达每秒 14 英寸。此外,它还为小标签应用提供高分辨率 (600 dpi) 打印功能,采用自适应编码技术,可实现卓越的介质灵活性,并简化了 RFID 校准流程。安装操作说明视频、手册及驱动程序ZT410 RFID 支持行业应用 医疗保健 交通运输

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ZT410 RFID Industrial Printer

The ZT410 RFID printer/encoder features a color or black-and-white display with a print width of 4 inches and print speeds of up to 14 inches per second. In addition, it provides high-resolution (600 dpi) printing for small label applications, adaptive coding technology for superior media flexibility, and simplified RFID calibration.

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