Zebra(Zebra)110Xi4 Large wide industrial barcode printer

   斑马Zebra 110Xi4是斑马一款王牌打印机,打印速度高达14英寸/秒,为高负荷的工作环境度身定做。  斑马Zebra Xi4系列不仅能够满足苛刻环境下的高负荷循环使用,而且较上一代XiIIIPlus打印机系列有了较大的改进。  斑马Zebra 110Xi4规格一览  分辨率  203 dpi(8 点/毫米)  300 dpi (12 点/毫米)  600 dpi (

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The Zebra ZeXer 110Xi4 is a zebra ace printer that prints at up to 14 inches per second and is tailored to the high-load work environment.

The Zebra Xi4 Xi4 series not only meets the high load cycling in demanding environments, but also offers significant improvements over the previous generation XiIIIPlus printer series.

Zebra Zexi 110Xi4 Specifications at a Glance


203 dpi (8 points / mm)

300 dpi (12 points / mm)

600 dpi (23.5 points / mm)


4.0" (103 mm)

  printing speed

Up to 14 inches / sec

Zebra's Zebra 110Xi4: The flagship product with a faster 14ips print speed for high-volume recycling in demanding environments.

The Zebra Zebra 140Xi4: Faster print speed, outstanding durability and reliability, 14 ips print speed and easy integration for reliable key print tasks.

The Zebra 170Xi4: a high-performance, compliance label printing solution ideal for on-demand or batch printing of AIAG, ODETTE and UCC/EAN-128 labels.

Zebra's Zebra 220Xi4: With advanced print management tools and high reliability, it is the first choice for chemical containers, banner sizes and other wide label applications.

Zebra's Zebra Xi4 series printers offer an excellent balance of performance and functionality and are optimized to meet high-volume printing needs. In addition, the series has sufficient memory and processing power, which not only provides fast printing speed, excellent print quality, but also supports network connection management and ERP system integration.

Based on the previous generation of Xi series printers, the Zebra Xi4 Xi4 printer was developed to help users effectively improve their productivity. Some selected models can increase the printing speed by up to 40%. At the same time, 10/100 Ethernet data transmission further improves the printing speed. A stronger pre-alert system helps reduce downtime.

Other upgrades for the Xi series include:

Easy-to-read custom LCD simplifies installation and operation

Faster print speeds increase batch printing and "out-of-the-box" efficiency

Faster Ethernet connection increases operating speed

Improved printhead component detection facilitates more timely notification of problems

More convenient media sensor settings prevent users from guessing the remaining amount of media based on subjective judgment

Improved media and ribbon insufficiency helps improve uptime

Other features of the Xi4 include multi-language support, rich connectivity options, simultaneous parallel/Ethernet capabilities, and remote printer management via Zebra Link solutions.