ZebraZ4800 Resin ribbon

产品介绍 PRESENTATION斑马碳带是稳定型树脂基碳带,在耐刮、防污和抵抗腐蚀性极强的化学品方面能力较佳,斑马碳带能够承受室外使用和工业用高低温。产品特点  FEATURES广泛的标签适应性,通用性好。打印效果优异,成本经济。耐高温,可适用于高速打印。适用范围广,可适应不同被打材质。防静电背涂层易于有效保护打印头。产品规格 SPECIFICATIONS耐污染、耐热、耐溶剂、可承受1

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Product introduction PRESENTATION

The zebra ribbon is a stable resin-based ribbon that is superior in scratch and corrosion resistant chemicals. The zebra ribbon is capable of withstanding outdoor and industrial high and low temperatures.

Product Features FEATURES

Wide range of label adaptability and versatility.

Excellent printing results and cost-effective.

High temperature resistance, suitable for high speed printing.

Wide range of applications, can adapt to different materials.

The antistatic back coat is easy to protect the printhead effectively.

Product Specifications SPECIFICATIONS

It is resistant to pollution, heat and solvent, can withstand the friction of rough paper at 100 degrees, and has strong solvent resistance: ethanol, kerosene, engine oil

Specification: 60mm*300m

1. The human packaging of zebra ribbon: The unique vacuum packaging method has truly achieved the concept of zebra people-oriented. It avoids the instability of temperature and humidity caused by transportation or storage, and causes unnecessary detachment of the ink layer on the zebra ribbon , which causes the occurrence of a fuzzy cloud phenomenon of the printed barcode, such reducing the unreadable code of the barcode.

Zebra carbon belt environmental protection products: returning to the natural carbon ribbon raw materials, truly reflects the zebra's responsibility to protect nature. Zebra series carbon belts are all certified by the globally recognized Swiss SGS company for environmental protection of lead, mercury, cadmium Hexavalent chromium, polybrominated biphenyls and polybrominated diphenyl ethers to ensure that your products are successfully passed around the world.

3. The technical quality of the zebra ribbon: the excellent quality of the ribbon belt science fully lays the zebra's belief in guiding the trend.

Zebra Z4800 resin ribbon composition:

1. The zebra ribbon consists of five layers, top coat, ink layer, inner coat, tape base and back coat.

1) Ink layer: It is the most important, polyester coated with wax-based, resin-based or mixed ink on one side, used to print and determines the use characteristics of the ribbon, such as chemical corrosion resistance and anti-friction.

2) The inner coating is mainly used to smooth the printed surface and to make the ink release from the tape base consistently.

3) The tape base is the carrier of the other layers and determines the performance of heat conduction.

4) Top coat is mainly used to improve the adhesion of the ink on the label and enhance the resistance of the environment.

5) The back coat is simply a special coat applied to the back of the ribbon. Its function is mainly to reduce the wear of the print head; reduce static electricity generation and enhance heat transfer, and apply antistatic protective coating on the side without ink To prevent wear and damage to the print head.

2. The lead portion of the Zebra Z4800 resin ribbon is: handle, front lead, and rear lead.

1) ZEBRA LOGO: The color of the front strap is usually dark green or blue, which is convenient for bringing the zebra ribbon to the reel of the printer.

2) Product identification: English "ZEBRA" and graphics, used to distinguish other brands of ribbons.

3) The rear lead belt of acts as a warning to allow the printer to sense the end of the ribbon. The difference in the printer determines the different rear belts. There are three main types: aluminized (silver): mainly for reflective sensors, Reflection Light indicates the end of the ribbon, transparent: used for transmissive sensors, allowing light to pass through, indicating that the ribbon is used up, for mechanical sensing, and the change in the printer's induced tension indicating that the ribbon is used up.

3. The core of the ribbon is usually made of paper or plastic, mainly because it cannot be deformed and cannot slide when printed.

1) Environmentally-friendly and dust-free type: The inner shaft uses a recyclable plastic shaft and has a dust-free function for use in a clean room.

2) Environmentally friendly and economical type: The inner shaft uses a paper shaft with a Chinese zebra and English ZEBRA.

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