Hanyin R42D thermal Label printer

特点:高寿命 / 持久耐用固件及驱动优化简单 / 稳定 / 高效   页模式支持存储器RAM2MBFlash2MB字符中文GB10830 24x24(简体/繁体中文)文字数字ASC II9x17,12x24代码页24代码页(PC437,Katakana,PC850,PC860,PC863,PC865,WPC1252, PC866,PC852,PC858,KU42,TI

  • Model:


High life / durable

Firmware and driver optimization

Simple / stable / efficient




Page mode

stand by

Memory RAM 2MB

Flash 2MB

Character Chinese GB10830 24x24 (Simplified/Traditional Chinese)

Number alphanumeric ASC II9x17, 12x24

Code page 24 code page (PC437, Katakana, PC850, PC860, PC863, PC865, WPC1252, PC866, PC852, PC858, KU42, TIS11, TIS18, PC720), etc.

Software Label Editing Software Bartender Ultralite

Driver Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 8

Built-in font dot matrix font 12*24, 24*24, 16*16, 8*16

Barcode 1D barcode UPC-A, UPC-E, EAN8, EAN13, CODE39, ITF, CODEBAR, CODE128, CODE93

2D barcode QR code


Supports different density bitmaps and downloads print bitmaps (the maximum size of each bitmap is 64K; the total size of the bitmap is 256K)

Instruction Set

HPL compatible instruction set

Software function Driver 32bit: Windows (Win7/Vistal/XP/2000) 64bit: Windows (Win7/Vistal/XP/2000)