SNBCBTP-7400 Industrial barcode printer

项目参数打印打印方式热敏/热转印分辨率203DPI300DPI打印宽度104mm106mm打印速度305mm/s254mm/s处理器32位RSC处理器内存SDRAM:256MBFlash:256MB   扩展FLASH:支持使用FAT32格式的U盘或SD卡 通信接口标配:USB+串口+并口+以太网口选配:无线以太网口编辑语言BPLE、BPLZ探测纸探测传感器透射传感器

  • Model:

Item parameter

Print How to print Thermal/thermal transfer

Resolution 203DPI 300DPI

Print width 104mm 106mm

Printing speed 305mm / s 254mm / s

Processor 32-bit RSC processor

Memory SDRAM: 256MB

Flash: 256MB extended FLASH: support U disk or SD card using FAT32 format

Communication interface Standard: USB + serial port + parallel port + Ethernet port

Optional: Wireless Ethernet port

Editing language BPLE, BPLZ

Detection paper detection sensor Transmissive sensor (removable), reflective sensor (removable)

Characters Character set Common single-byte fonts: FONT0 to FONT8, 6 ASD smooth fonts, 8 Courier fonts

Custom fonts: User-customizable fonts can be downloaded to Flash or SDRAM

Zoom/Rotate Horizontal zoom can be scaled 1 - 8 times; rotary print (0°, 90°, 180°, 270°)

Graphics Graphics Processing Binary unformatted bitmaps, HEX, PCX, BMP and IMG image files can be downloaded to Flash or RAM

Barcode 1D barcode 39 yards, UPCA, UPCE, cross 25 yards, 128 yards, EAN13, EAN8, HBIC (39 yards with check digits), Kurdaba code, industrial / cross 25 yards, storage code, UPC2, UPC5, 93 yards, postal code 25 yards (China), UCC/EAN code, matrix 25 code, POSTNET code, etc.

2D barcode PDF417, MicroPDF417, Datamatrix, MAXICODE, QR code, GS1 Composite, etc.

Media Media Type Label paper (including coated paper/PET/PVC), marking paper, continuous paper, folded paper, water wash, etc.

Media width MAX.120mm

Media thickness 0.0635 - 0.3mm

Paper roll outer diameter Max.203mm

Mandrel inner diameter 38mm - 76mm

Ribbon width Max.110mm

Length Max.600m

Mandrel inner diameter 25.4mm

Operation interface button/indicator 9 button 4 lamp

Display 128×64 resolution, optional Chinese or English display

Power Input 110 - 240V AC, 50/60HZ

Output 24V DC, 4.5A

Environment Working environment Temperature: 0°C - 45°C; Relative humidity: 20% - 90% (no condensation)

Storage environment Temperature: -40 ° C - 60 ° C; Relative humidity: 5% - 93% (no condensation)

Physical characteristics Dimensions 280 (W) × 480 (D) × 370 (H) mm

Quality about 19kg