SNBCBTP-2200E Label printer

BTP-2200E 标签打印机外观精巧,性能卓越,是理想办公的条码标签打印设备。适用于即时标签打印/产品标签批量打印/运输,物流标签打印/铁路,机场,车站,票据打印/邮政袋牌等打印领域。 BTP-2200E标签打印机可以通过串行接口或其它接口与外部设备连接,同时提供WINDOWS95/98/2000/NT4.0/XP 操作系统下的通用驱动程序及基于DLL的软件开发包.  &nb

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The BTP-2200E label printer is an ideal office bar code label printing device with its compact appearance and excellent performance. Suitable for instant label printing / product label batch printing / transportation, logistics label printing / railway, airport, station, ticket printing / postal bag printing and other printing fields.

 The BTP-2200E label printer can be connected to external devices through a serial interface or other interfaces, and provides general-purpose drivers and DLL-based software development packages under the WINDOWS95/98/2000/NT4.0/XP operating system.

   ·Thermal / thermal transfer printing

   ·Low noise, high speed printing

   · Easy, fast and easy to use

   · 32-bit high speed microprocessor

   ·Adopt thermal history and temperature adaptive control

   ·With new print head, long printhead life and high print quality

  · Supports multiple paper types such as continuous paper, label paper, marking paper, and perforated paper

Main parameters Beiyang BTP-2200E

Printing method Thermal / thermal transfer

Barcode printer resolution 203dpi

Printing speed 125mm/s

Print width 108mm

Maximum print length -

Label width 118mm

Label thickness 0.06-0.20mm

Ribbon length 300000mm

Ribbon width 65mm

Memory 1MB

Interface Type Standard configuration RS-232 serial Centronics parallel port, USB and Ethernet Ethernet port can choose one

Character set Common single-byte fonts: FONT0 to FONT8, 6 ASD Smooth fonts; 8 Courier fonts

Fonts Built-in fonts: 9 dot matrix fonts and 6 smooth fonts, custom fonts: custom fonts

Other parameters Beiyang BTP-2200E

Optional accessories FLASH: 1MB, 4MB, 8MB; Photoelectric sensor

Power supply voltage 100-240V

Power frequency 50-60Hz

Power -

Environmental parameters Beiyang BTP-2200E

Working temperature (°C) 5-45

Working humidity 20-90%

Storage temperature (°C) -40-60

Storage humidity 20-93%

Appearance parameters Beiyang BTP-2200E

Colour: Black

Weight 3.5kg

Size 315×251×192mm

Length (mm) 300

Width (mm) 252

Height (mm) 190

Product Advisory Hotline: +86-0755-23281611