BTP-2200X是一款专为医院处方单打印而开发的处方打印机。采用130mm幅宽专用处方单,有效兼顾了传统纸质处方的格式;打印速度高达125mm/s,不到2秒快速出单;采取热转印打印方式,低噪音,无污染,完全适合整洁、安静的医疗环境;机身小巧美观,易用、易维护,是门诊医生最得力的助手。 热转印打印方式 采用32位高速微处理器 最大打印宽度104mm 最高打印

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The BTP-2200X is a prescription printer developed for hospital prescription printing. The 130mm width special prescription sheet effectively takes into account the traditional paper prescription format; the printing speed is up to 125mm/s, and the order is quickly issued in less than 2 seconds; adopting thermal transfer printing method, low noise, no pollution, completely suitable for neatness, Quiet medical environment; small and beautiful body, easy to use, easy to maintain, is the most effective assistant for outpatient doctors.

Thermal transfer printing method

32-bit high speed microprocessor

Maximum print width 104mm

Maximum printing speed 125mm/s

Maximum paper roll outer diameter 127mm

Thermal history and temperature adaptive control

Support variable data continuous high speed printing

Support a variety of 1D, 2D barcode printing

High quality printhead for adjustable printhead pressure

Open structure design for easy installation of consumables

Hospital prescription sheet printing

Print parameters

• Resolution: 203DPI

• Printing method: Thermal transfer

• Print width: Max.104mm

• Print speed: Max.125mm/s

• CPU: 32bit RISC micro-processor

• Memory: SDRAM: 2MB FLASH: 1MB; Extended FLASH: Scalable to 8MB

• Paper Mark Detection: Transmissive Sensor, Mobile Reflective Sensor

• Communication interface: Standard configuration RS-232 serial port; optional for parallel port, USB and Ethernet ports


• Paper type: continuous paper, label paper, punched paper, marking paper, etc.

• Paper roll outer diameter: Max.127mm (5吋)

• Paper roll width: Max.130mm

• Paper roll inner diameter: 25mm (1吋) / 38mm (1.5吋)

• Ribbon length: Max.300m

• Ribbon inner diameter: 25mm

Characters, barcodes, graphics

• Character enlargement/rotation: 1-8 times magnification in horizontal and vertical orientation, rotary printing (00, 900, 1800, 2700)

• Character set: 23 single-byte fonts

Custom font: user can customize font download to FLASH or SDRAM

• Graphics: Binary unformatted bitmaps, HEX, PCX, BMP and IMG image files can be downloaded to FLASH, RAM

• Barcode: 1D code: 39 yards, UPCA, UPCE, cross 25 yards, 128 yards, EAN13, EAN8, HIBC (39 yards with check digits), Kurdaba code, industrial / cross 25 yards, storage code , UPC2, UPC5, 93 yards, postal code 25 yards (China), UCC/EAN code, matrix 25 code, POSTNET code and other two-dimensional code: PDF417, MAXICODE, QR code, etc.

Operation interface

• Buttons, indicators: 3 buttons, 3 lights

Power Adapter 

• Input: AC 110~240V, 50/60Hz

• Output: DC 24V, 2.5A

Physical characteristics

• Dimensions: 252mm (W) × 300mm (D) × 190mm (H)

• Weight: about 3.5 Kg


• External paper holder, extended font card, USB port or Ethernet port

Product Advisory Hotline: +86-0755-23281611