SNBCBTP-K500 Bar code Label printer

BTP-L520/L540是系列热敏桌面型条码标签打印机,该产品搭载32位高速微型处理器和8MB的SDRAM,具有强大的标签数据预处理和缓存功能,以152mm/s高速输出条码标签;具有中文液晶、剥离器等丰富的扩展组件。 产品认证: CCC   FCC  CB  CE§外观新颖、体积小巧§152mm/s高速打印§采用类金刚石镀膜打

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BTP-K500 is an electronic single-sided special printer. It is the first in the industry to use diamond-coated fluorescent print heads. Its service life is far more than 40% of the same industry level. At the same time, advanced thermal history precision control algorithm is adopted. The batch printing effect is always clear. The best choice for printing thermal electronic face sheets.

Product Certification: CCC

§ exquisite and compact

§ Support for folding and roll-up

§ 24-hour super continuous printing capability

§ The first in the industry to use diamond-like thick film printheads, the service life is far more than 40% of the same industry level

§ Advanced thermal history precision control algorithm, batch printing effect is clear

§ CE&UL EU certified safety power supply

§ Strong electrostatic protection design

§ Low-power energy-saving design

§ Adjustable paper path width

§ Application software and product drivers are fully equipped