DS1500信息DS1500扫描器拥有紧凑的外形及超强的高速阅读功能,这使得它满足了OEM的各种应用需求。而DS1500的小型体积更使其很容易安装到OEM设备和自动机械中。在高扫描率和精密的电子设计下,使其能很好地适应恶劣的读取条件。 特点/优势•尺寸:40 x 30 x 22毫米•扫描频率:800-1200次/秒• 1个输入 + 2个输出• RS232 + RS232 或RS485 串

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The DS1500 scanner's compact form factor and superior high-speed reading make it suitable for OEM applications. The compact size of the DS1500 makes it easy to install in OEM equipment and robots. Its high scanning rate and precise electronic design make it suitable for harsh reading conditions.

Features / advantages

• Size: 40 x 30 x 22 mm

• Scan frequency: 800-1200 times / sec

• 1 input + 2 outputs

• RS232 + RS232 or RS485 serial port

• 5 VDC

• Function button + LED display

• Unique reading range: 50 - 200 mm


This series of products can currently meet the following application requirements: • Packaging machine

• Biomedical analysis machine

• File processor

•- it 

•-Printing and application systems

• Automated Tape Library (ATL)

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