产品介绍信息DS2100N是一款新型的工业激光条码读取器。它充分利用了Datalogic Automation公司在一维条码读取领域的成功经验,满足了来自全球制造行业的各种应用需求。DS2100N广泛的应用于仓库、车间和OEM中,为客户提高了盈利能力和生产效率。特点/优势● 直式或90度的阅读窗● 扫描频率:500-1000次/秒● 2个输入 + 2个输出● RS232 + RS485串● ID-

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product description


The DS2100N is a new industrial laser bar code reader. It leverages Datalogic Automation's successful experience in one-dimensional bar code reading to meet a wide range of application needs from the global manufacturing industry. The DS2100N is widely used in warehouses, workshops and OEMs to increase profitability and productivity for its customers.

Features / advantages

● Straight or 90 degree reading window

● Scanning frequency: 500-1000 times / sec

● 2 inputs + 2 outputs

● RS232 + RS485 string



● 10-30Vdc, IP65 industrial protection grade, 0-50° C

● Genius debugging software

● Unique reading range: 50 - 300 mm


This series of products can currently meet the following application requirements:

● Small conveyor

● Sorting system

● Warehousing automation

● Packing machine

● File processor

● Automatic labeling system

● Quality control and component tracking

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