ID203040 barcode reader

ID-20: OEM Barcode Reader读码器 ID-20是世界上最小的全功能条码扫描器,完全集成了条码成像仪,是一种微型、 简单且合理的解决方案,适用于嵌入式设计或在制品追踪,为原始设备制造商和 工程师提供了一组完美的价值和性能选项。 作为同类产品中唯一的扫描器,ID-20是一种单电缆解决方案,它采用单根USB线 进行2种通信(USB2.0高速和通过USB连接以太网)并且供电

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ID-20: OEM Barcode Reader ID-20 is the world's smallest full-featured barcode scanner with a fully integrated barcode imager. It is a tiny, simple and sensible solution for embedded designs or Product tracking provides OEMs and engineers with a complete set of value and performance options. As the only scanner in its class, the ID-20 is a single cable solution that uses a single USB cable for two types of communication (USB 2.0 high speed and Ethernet via USB) and power supply for plug and play. Integration. Micro has evolved into ultra-miniature and extremely easy to use.


ID–30: The Mini Barcode Scanner ID-30 is a miniature bar code imager with great potential. It has been used by Microscan for more than 30 years of innovation, space saving and micro design experience, with corner outlets and high density. 15-pin connector (provides serial port, Hi-Speed USB 2.0, Ethernet connection via USB, etc.). With its perfect size, performance and integration flexibility, the ID-30 is ideal for OEMs and machine builders. The ID-30's performance far exceeds competing products, providing an ideal solution for automation engineers looking for a miniature form factor, high performance solution.


ID–40: Industrial Ethernet Barcode Scanner ID-40 Barcode Scanner is a revolutionary new product with the smallest size and IP65/67 protection, a true industrial Ethernet barcode scanner for imagers The market has set a new benchmark. With the best 1D code/QR code or direct part mark decoding technology in its class, the ID-40 is a comprehensive solution to the bar code scanning challenge under any condition. With unprecedented ease of use, exceptional decoding performance and ultra-small size, the ID-40 is the industry's benchmark for ultra-compact imagers.