Vision HAWK Smart camera

• Integrated AutoVISION software• Optional C-Mount lens and color sensor models• Full integration of processor, lens and light source• Liquid lens autofocus• Integrated Ethernet networkVision HAWK is

  • Model:

• Integrated AutoVISION software

• Optional C-Mount lens and color sensor models

• Full integration of processor, lens and light source

• Liquid lens autofocus

• Integrated Ethernet network

Vision HAWK is a flexible industrial smart camera that delivers powerful visual performance with its compact, easy-to-use design. Applicable to all kinds of visual users, a wide range of applications. Features of the Vision HAWK include an intuitive visual interface, integrated light source, high resolution optical zoom and simple plug-and-play connectivity.

Integrators and end users get a scalable, all-in-one vision solution for Vision HAWK for a wide range of inspection, verification or automatic identification applications.

Powerful: With a powerful tool suite, you can solve a variety of automation challenges with vision technology. Vision HAWK comes with Microscan's patented liquid lens autofocus for most visual or bar code applications.

Advanced Optical System: The high-resolution modular optical zoom system allows the Vision HAWK to detect from approximately 33 mm to 2 meters from objects and labels.

Rugged design: The Vision HAWK features rugged industrial design with an IP65/67 alloy casting housing and M12 connector. Ethernet integrated protocol for high speed communication.

Vision HAWK: Features

Read 1D and 2D codes

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Dynamic part positioning

Assembly verification

Size measurement



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