Visionscape® Machine vision software

Visionscape®是可用于多平台的最完善的机器视觉软件,它是一个可全面扩展到单软件包,可应用在机器视觉电路板、千兆以太网解决方案和智能相机上。这意味着应用开发商只需学习一种固定的软件环境,并且可以为具体应用选择最合适的平台。Visionscape®机器视觉软件提供了开发和部署机器视觉应用所需要的全部元素。软件提供了一个对应用进行开发、测试和安装的点击式环境,特性包括:Auto ID 工具:&

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Visionscape® is the most complete machine vision software for multiple platforms, and it can be fully extended to a single software package for machine vision boards, Gigabit Ethernet solutions and smart cameras.

This means that application developers only need to learn a fixed software environment and choose the most appropriate platform for their specific application.

Visionscape® machine vision software provides all the elements you need to develop and deploy machine vision applications. The software provides a point-and-click environment for developing, testing, and installing applications, including:

Auto ID tool: Interpret all standard linear codes, data matrices and other symbols, optical character recognition (OCR) and optical character verification (OCV).

Image processing tools: image calculation, image rotation and mapping, binary and grayscale morphology, contour enhancement, and other filtering functions.

Image analysis tools: defect inspection, histogram analysis, speckle analysis, template and pattern recognition, target localization and orientation detection.

Calibrated Dimensional Measurements: A variety of pre-configured measurements, such as cross lines, point-to-point distances, point-to-line vertical distances, and more.

Intellifind® tool: A geometric pattern matching tool for powerful pattern positioning and pattern recognition in noisy images; including scale measurements.

Color support: color imaging, color visualization, and other color tools support color verification and recognition applications. Color-based size detection applications are also available.

Application-specific and custom tools: user-defined expressions and math, custom script visual processing tools, and more.

FrontRunner: Use the FrontRunner engineering user interface to create complex vision applications quickly and easily, and to run or download to any Visionscape smart camera on a PC-based system, depending on your application needs.

AppRunner: In the AppRunner standard runtime interface, users get full system status, such as starting/stopping applications, collecting and reviewing failed images, and submitting other diagnostic information. .

Open ActiveX: A full set of ActiveX components that create custom user interfaces and create visual applications as they run.

Customization: From factory floor operators to application engineers and developers, Visionscape software is configured to meet the needs of different users and maximize productivity.


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