MINDEOES4200 Embedded scanner

支持红外自动感应和命令控制支持RS232、USB HID、USB虚拟串口外壳结实牢固,防尘,密封等级IP50体积小巧便于嵌入:4.6×4.2×2.1(cm³) 输入电压直流5伏±0.25伏功  率450.2毫瓦(工作);740毫瓦(瞬间最大)电  流90.04毫安(工作);148毫安(瞬间最大)光  源650纳米可视激光二极管解

  • Model:

Support infrared automatic sensing and command control

Support RS232, USB HID, USB virtual serial port

The casing is strong and dustproof, and the sealing grade is IP50.

Small size and easy to embed: 4.6 × 4.2 × 2.1 (cm3)

Input voltage

DC 5 volts ± 0.25 volts


450.2 mW (working); 740 mW (instantaneous maximum)


90.04 mAh (working); 148 mAh (instantaneous maximum)

Light source

650 nm visible laser diode

Decoding speed

200 times / sec

Decoding type

UPC-A, UPC-E, UPC-E1, EAN-13, EAN-8, ISBN/ISSN, 39 yards, 39 yards (ASCII full code), 32 yards, Trioptic 39 yards, cross 25 yards, industrial 25 yards, Matrix 25 yards, Kudba code (NW7), 128 yards, UCC/EAN 128, ISBT128, 93 yards, 11 yards (USD-8), MSI/Plessey, UK/Plessey, China Post Code, China Treasury Code, GS1 DataBar (formerly: RSS) series

Prompt mode


System interface

RS-232 serial port (3.3V TTL level); USB keyboard; USB virtual serial port

Operation method

Manual, automatic detection

physical dimension

Length × width × height: 45.66mm × 40.80mm × 20.55mm


29 grams

Interface Type

10-position needle holder with 1.25 mm spacing

shell material



0°C to 50°C (working); -40°C to 60°C (storage)


5% to 95% (no condensation)

Setting method

Manual (sequential scan setting barcode)

Program update

Online update

Depth of field

And resolution

(1 mil =0.0254mm)

Long depth of field series

5 mil: 40-110mm

10 mil: 10-280mm

13 mil: 15-315mm

16 mil: 25-385mm

35 mil: 145-630mm


High density series

3 mil: 5-50mm

10 mil: 10-85mm

13 mil: 10-150mm

16 mil: 25-165mm

35 mil: 145-295mm

Safety regulations

Laser safety level: EN60825-1, class 1, national level laser safety standard

EMC electromagnetic compatibility: EN 55022, EN55024

Electrical safety: EN 60950-1



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