Matte silver paper

技术参数法森牌50微米亚银聚酯薄膜TC/S333/80克白格拉辛底纸产品编号# /72826T(imp.)修订日期: 6-Nov-2007表面基材应用此产品具有优异的抗撕裂、耐高温、尺寸稳定、不透光及耐化学腐蚀性能,适合制成各种耐久性标签。此产品获得UL认证,认证编号: MH20558。以上的建议应用说明不作为艾利·丹尼森的一种担保。所有艾利·丹尼森公司的产品的售出均应由客户在

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Technical Parameters

Fassen brand 50 micron silvery polyester film TC/S333/80g white glassine paper

Product Code# /72826T(imp.)

Revision date: 6-Nov-2007

Surface substrate


This product has excellent tear resistance, high temperature resistance, dimensional stability, opacity and chemical resistance, making it suitable for a variety of durable labels.

This product has obtained UL certification, certification number: MH20558.

The above suggested application note is not a guarantee for Avery Dennison. All Avery Dennison products are sold at the customer's end-use environment to confirm compliance with the environment.

Printing and processing

The surface has a special coating that is suitable for most printing methods and inks, without the need for special inks.

Thermal transfer printing is available.

Ink and ribbon testing before printing is necessary.

High-speed die cutting and waste disposal on standard rotary presses. High-hardness die-cutting tools are recommended, especially in flat-die-cutting.

Excessive tension should be avoided and the label should overflow.

Storage period

It can be stored for one year at a temperature of 23 ± 2 C and a relative humidity of 50 ± 5%.

Instructions for use

All Avery Dennison products are sold at the customer's end-use environment to confirm compliance with the environment.

A silvery polyester film with a uniform special coating on the surface.

Basic weight


g/m2 ISO 536



Mm ISO 534


Permanent acrylic latex.

The end of paper

Super twilight white glassine paper.

Basic weight


g/m2 ISO 536



Mm ISO 534

Typical viscosity value

Initial viscosity 8.0 N/25mm FTM 9

20 minutes 90 degree peeling viscosity 5.0 N/25mm FTM 2

24 hour 90 degree peel adhesion 7.5 N/25mm FTM 9

Minimum labeling temperature -4°C

Operating temperature range -40°C-+149°C


Adhesive performance

This is an industrial grade permanent clear adhesive with versatility and excellent performance. The adhesive has a high initial viscosity and a final viscosity, and the penetration rate is extremely low.

This adhesive meets FDA Section 175.105 and can be used for non-direct contact labeling of food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic products.


Total Caliper

Mm +/- 10%

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