20-7.5mm high temperature resistant label

       可用于-40℃~320℃高温环境 不脱落、不变形、不变色、不磨损 ◆以聚酰亚胺薄膜为基材,涂以特种压敏胶而成◆对助焊剂、熔融剂和清洁剂等物质有抗腐蚀作用 可定制       耐高温标签具有不脱落、不变形、不变色、防火、防油、防水、耐磨抗、耐化学腐蚀等多项优点 ;大部分应用于特殊的工业环

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Can be used in -40 ° C ~ 320 ° C high temperature environment does not fall off, no deformation, no discoloration, no wear ◆ Polyimide film as a substrate, coated with special pressure sensitive adhesive ◆ For flux, flux and detergent Other substances have anti-corrosion effect and can be customized

       The high temperature resistant label has many advantages such as no falling off, no deformation, no discoloration, fireproof, oil proof, waterproof, abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, etc. Most of them are used in special industrial environments, such as: circuit boards, ES computer motherboards, The mobile phone motherboard, the PCB circuit in the over-peak furnace, reflow soldering marks the high temperature bar code label.

       The high temperature resistant label material is made of polyimide film and coated with imported high temperature resistant silicone pressure sensitive adhesive. The tape has excellent high temperature resistance, electrical insulation, chemical resistance, non-toxic, no odor, and is harmless to the human body and the environment. Due to its extremely low release force (automatic die cutting, waste discharge, labeling), it is suitable for identifiable tracking labels in high temperature applications such as PCB, steel and aluminum; and can be made into various high temperature labels. It is very convenient and is a new type of label developed in recent years.

High temperature resistant label features:

       High temperature bar code labels can be produced according to customer requirements. According to the thickness, there are 25 (1 = 1 um), 50, 75, and other specifications, which is related to the actual requirements of the manufacturer. Due to its excellent media properties and good anti-fouling, anti-scratch and high temperature resistance, PET is widely used in many special occasions, such as electronic products produced under high temperature conditions, mobile phone batteries, computer monitors, air conditioner compressors. Wait. Need to use the ribbon, thermal transfer printing, high print quality.

       High temperature and lead-free application series of thermal transfer labels, especially suitable for the harsh working environment with high temperature requirements for labels to achieve international standards for industrial lead-free processes, characters or barcodes for printed circuit boards or other electronic parts The ideal choice. High-temperature series labels can be printed with thermal transfer, and show the best PCS and first-class reading rate, showing excellent chemical and wear resistance, high temperature at 270 °C, resisting various fluxes and fluxes Chemicals such as detergents and harsh environments with high temperatures and wear and tear ensure excellent performance in a variety of harsh and demanding applications. Is the best choice for lead-free process

1. Save your logo cost and let you get the best price/performance ratio.

2, ultra-thin material structure is suitable for the whole process of processing, to meet the most demanding requirements of the solder paste screen printing process.

3. The ultra-thin characteristics are in line with the trend of miniaturization and high density of 3C products such as MP3.

4, the highest resistance to 270 ° C / 12 minutes: no falling off, no deformation; resist all kinds of chemical erosion and all kinds of wear; maintain the stability of quality; to reach the international standard of lead-free industrial process.