DATAMAX M1 intelligent one-dimensional wireless barcode scanner

            M1分为激光和红光2种:(外观一致,只是扫描头的区别) 激光扫描灵敏度高速度更快 红光扫描可以扫手机屏幕条码 黑白两色可选择,拥有精致的曲线完美契合手指弧度,是简单、时尚、进步的美丽,使用过程中减少手疲劳,另外采用ABS金塑胶材料,超韧环保。是办公条码扫描的最佳选择M1是DATAMAX推出的第一款基于无线通讯,兼容

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M1 is divided into two types: laser and red light: (the appearance is the same, only the difference of the scanning head) The laser scanning sensitivity is high and the speed is faster. The red light scanning can scan the screen of the mobile phone and the barcode can be selected in black and white. It has a delicate curve that perfectly fits the finger curvature. It is simple, fashionable and progressive. It reduces hand fatigue during use. In addition, it uses ABS gold plastic material, which is super tough and environmentally friendly. Is the best choice for office bar code scanning

M1 is DATAMAX's first portable scanner based on wireless communication, compatible with IOS and Android systems, and can read international standard one-dimensional barcodes.

Exquisite appearance, reliable wireless connection, compact receiver, plug-and-play, can stay on the computer without the need for frequent plug-and-play.


1. Humanized, mini fashion appearance patent design;

2, wireless diversity, Bluetooth, laser optional;

3, the scanning method is diverse, laser and red light are optional;

4, the diversity of personalized ways, can be customized LOGO;

5, super standby performance, convenient charging, safe, continuous scanning for 12 hours, standby 112 hours, and other humanity switch settings, shutdown can be long standby 30 days


The M1 Smart Wireless Scanner is designed to be stylish and ergonomically designed for a comfortable fit. Increase user satisfaction and greatly reduce fatigue to increase work efficiency. It combines performance, durability, comfort and interface options for years of stability. Widely used in business, logistics, drug supervision, food supervision, book management, publication management, mail management, inventory management, enterprise fixed asset management; banking, insurance, customs, railway and other industries.


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