DATAMAX one-dimensional wireless mouse scanner M3


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The M3 is a portable wireless barcode scanner launched by M1 and M2. It is also the first barcode scanner with mouse function on the market. The mouse and scanning function are perfectly integrated. The appearance is novel, free to switch, light and easy to use, optimize the office surface, personalized LOGO ordering all highlights the designer's intention, can quickly enhance the company's brand image, is the best choice for brand chain, online store express, office bar code scanning.

M3 uses a long-range red light scanning engine, which can read international standard barcodes and mobile phone and computer screen barcodes.

The wireless connection, the compact receiver, plug-and-play, can stay on the computer for a long time without the need to plug in and out frequently.


1. Humanized, mini fashion appearance patent design;

2, with a scanner and mouse function, a dual-use, convenient and fast;

3. Barcodes on paper and electronic screens can be read;

4, the diversity of personalized ways, can be customized LOGO;

5, super standby performance, convenient charging, safe, continuous scanning for 12 hours, standby 112 hours, and other humanity switch settings, shutdown can be long standby 30 days

The M3 Smart Wireless Scanner is designed to be stylish and ergonomically designed for a comfortable fit. Increase user satisfaction and greatly reduce fatigue to increase work efficiency. It combines performance, durability, comfort and interface options for years of stability. Widely used in commercial POS cashier, food supervision, library management, online store express, publication management, mail management, inventory management, enterprise fixed asset management; banking, insurance, customs, railway and other industries.

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