Datalogic QD 2400 Scanner

QD2400特征:1、出色的读取灵敏性2、先进的移动感应光学器件3、DATALOGIC得利捷专利“绿点”技术提供有效读取反馈 二维条码的应用已普及到数据采集行业的所有细分市场。现在,二维条码阅读器的价格更实惠,而采用的影像式技术也几乎没有缺点,在某些特殊应用上对二维阅读器的需求非常大,比如读取手机显示屏上的二维码或计划中的未来二维码应用,以及扫描图像。QuickScan? QD2400

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QD2400 features:

1, excellent reading sensitivity

2. Advanced motion sensing optics

3, DATALOGIC's patented "Green Point" technology provides effective reading feedback


The application of 2D barcodes has spread to all market segments of the data collection industry. Now, the price of the 2D barcode reader is more affordable, and the image technology used has almost no disadvantages. In some special applications, the demand for 2D readers is very large, such as reading the QR code on the display of the mobile phone. Or plan for future QR code applications, as well as scan images.

QuickScan? The QD2400 2D Image Reader is designed for the needs of retailers to meet the needs of the market at an affordable price with excellent omnidirectional read performance for almost any bar code. The elegant design details of this product combine a lightweight, lightweight, balanced shape with the most well-known durability of DATALOGIC.

As the ideal device for POS applications, the QuickScan QD2400 Image Reader is equipped with new lighting technology and aiming system developed to reduce visual stress during the operator's daily scanning process. It consists of soft, dark red illumination and two blue triangular LED aiming systems that appear on the target bar code. This unique precision aiming system greatly reduces eye strain while ensuring maximum operator efficiency.

The QuickScan QD2400 Image Reader reads the linear barcode capability on plain paper printed labels, which is almost identical to the ability to read complex QR codes on mobile devices or membership cards. The QD2400 is a two-dimensional bar code reader that is elegant, rugged, and provides fast, reliable scanning performance.

Compared to laser scanners, imaging technology can fully meet or exceed its work needs, and offers the added benefit of lower cost of ownership, higher reliability and durability.