MOTO LS4208 Scanner Scanner

主要特点简介 物有所值、创新独特且性能非凡    LS 4008i 扫描仪扫描器基于 MOTO Technologies 非常成功的 LS 4000 Series 平台而设计,为我们提供了一个设计极具创新性的高性能扫描解决方案。LS 4008i 集诸多优点于一体:条码扫

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Main features

Value for money, innovative and unique performance

Designed based on MOTO Technologies' highly successful LS 4000 Series platform, the LS 4008i scanner scanner provides us with a highly innovative, high-performance scanning solution. The LS 4008i combines many advantages: bar code scanning performance is extraordinary, host connection is flexible, user operation is comfortable and the price is very attractive. In addition, you can enjoy Symbol's "5 Years Extra Long Warranty". The LS 4008i's scan lines are visible even at very high light levels, so you can easily aim at the scan target. The LS 4008i's 100% UPC pattern ranges from direct contact to greater than 19 in./48 cm, making it ideal for a wide range of applications. With its "adaptive logic signal processing" function, it is also possible to decode bar code barcodes with extremely poor print quality or damage, and the scanning efficiency is not affected at all. In addition, the scanner scanner can scan the latest standard of reduced code (RSS) to meet the needs of new and innovative technologies.

Host connection is flexible

With universal connectivity and multi-master multi-board interfaces including USB, RS-232C, IBM468X/9X, keyboard jacks, Wand and Synapse, the LS 4008i ensures an effective connection to any host. The Advanced Data Format Conversion (ADF) feature allows you to program scan scan data before it is transmitted to ensure that the scan data is compatible with the application on the host system.

Award-winning ergonomics

Symbol knows that ergonomics is as important as the scanner's scanner performance itself, so the LS 4008i is designed to be rugged and designed for performance to improve operability. The LS 4008i is not only very lightweight, but also optimized for the handle design, which can be easily held by anyone's hand and is comfortable to use. Its patented two-finger trigger reduces finger fatigue and is also suitable for long-term operation over extended periods of time. The hands-free Intellistand makes it easy to perform fixed presentation scans, greatly improving productivity. The LS 4008i scanner scanner features a bright, large, two-color LED and a volume-adjustable buzzer that sends a confirmation sound signal when decoding is successful. The rubber pad on the scanner has two functions. One is to reduce vibration. The other is to raise the scanner scanner away from the counter for easy access. Top performance logo - wide application

The LS 4008i is capable of a variety of scans and connections via a multi-board onboard interface, making it an excellent choice for a wide range of retail and commercial scanners, from small convenience commercial outlets to large retail supermarkets and department stores. . The LS 4008i Scanner Scanner is ideal for any situation where you need to increase the efficiency by capturing barcode data. In retail applications, the LS 4008i is ideal for a variety of applications: point-of-sale scanning, price reduction approval labels and announcements, and inventory management for warehouse supermarkets, commodity trading, department stores, grocery points, and specialty retail stores. In the warehousing and manufacturing industries, the LS 4008i improves the efficiency and accuracy of shipping and receiving by simplifying inventory management, assembly lines and document tracking processes. In the medical field, the use of this scanner scanner can improve the efficiency of tracking patient information, medical inventory management and so on.

Functional advantages

Read the compatibility of RSS and composite patterns with the new pattern system to ensure that the invested hardware meets future needs

Multi-board onboard interface ensures flexible and efficient connection to any host

Lightweight, smooth ergonomic design Unparalleled comfort and unprecedented productivity

Universal Wiring can be connected to other Symbol scanner scanners for easy replacement and/or upgrade

Adaptive logic electronics ensures correct decoding of damaged and poorly printed patterns and increases productivity

Support 123Scan scanner scanner installation tool Flexible installation via PC download or scanning barcode sequence

Advanced Data Format Conversion (ADF) feature Programmatic modifications can be made before sending scanned data to the host, saving costly host software modification fees

Flash memory for easy customization of settings and future upgrades

Mylar scanning components offer unparalleled scanning performance, no wear and long life

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