Moto DS6607 image type two-dimensional barcode scanner

主要特点简介: MOTO崭新推出的DS6607 影像式二维条形码扫描器,是MOTODS6600系列的家族产品,优异的机身结构及绝佳的读取效能,除了支持K/W、RS232、USB等接口,DS6607可读取各式一维条形码与二维条形码,其优势在于读取大容量二维条码信息和图片传输信息方面比较明显。大幅增进工作效率!并可耐摔达1.8米,更提供超长的 3年保固期!是您的最佳选择!

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Main features:

MOTO's new DS6607 image-based two-dimensional barcode scanner is a family product of the MOTODS6600 series. It has excellent body structure and excellent reading performance. In addition to supporting K/W, RS232, USB and other interfaces, the DS6607 can read each. One-dimensional barcodes and two-dimensional barcodes have the advantage of reading large-capacity two-dimensional barcode information and image transmission information. Greatly improve work efficiency! Can withstand up to 1.8 meters, and provide a long 3-year warranty! It is your best choice!

Reading mode: digital image

Scan width: 4 mil

Interface interface: RS-232. Keyboard Wedge. Wand. USB  

Barcode type:

      One-dimensional barcode: UPC. EAN. UPC.EAN with Supplementals. UCC.EAN 128. JAN 8 & 13. Code 39. Code 39 Full ASCII. Code 39 Trioptic. Code 128. Code 128 Full ASCII. Codabar (NW7). Interleaved 2 of 5. Discrete 2 of 5. Code 93. MSI. Code 11. Code 32. Bookland EAN. IATA. UCC/EAN RSS and RSS variants

      Two-dimensional barcode: PDF417. microPDF417. MaxiCode. DataMatrix (ECC 2000). Composite Codes. QR Code; U.S. Postnet. U.S. Planet. U.K. Postal. Japan Postal. Australian Postal. Dutch Postal

Machine size: 16.64cm H x 7.16 cm W x 11.99 cm D

Machine weight : 181.4g

Operating temperature: 0 ° C ~ 50 ° C

Storage temperature: -40 ° C ~ 70 ° C

Use power: 5 VDC@250 mA (RS232 interface is optional)

Reading angle: ±60°

Resistance to falling height: 1.8 meters

Sales Advisory Hotline: +86-0755-33150728