MINDEOMD2250+Universal scanning

MD2250 Plus采用了内置USB2.0的高速ARM CPU,读码速度和性能得到进一步提升。最大读码景深可达1.5米。 MD2250 Plus是MINDEO通用型扫描设备的高性价比产品线。是一款入门级的产品。适用于零售、医疗、金融、邮政以及中小型物流业和轻工业。 MD2250 Plus外形小巧,重量轻并符合人体工学设计,在日常操作时手感舒适。特别是在遇到难读取的条码,如破损

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The MD2250 Plus features a high-speed ARM CPU with built-in USB 2.0 for improved read speed and performance. The maximum reading depth is up to 1.5 meters.

The MD2250 Plus is a cost-effective line of MINDEO universal scanning devices. It is an entry level product. Suitable for retail, medical, financial, postal, and small and medium-sized logistics and light industries.

The MD2250 Plus is compact, lightweight and ergonomically designed for everyday comfort. Especially in the case of difficult to read barcodes, such as broken, silver bottom, etc., still provides excellent reading performance, and can read all common one-dimensional barcodes including GS1 Databar.

MINDEO is committed to continuously improving the durability of its products. The drop design of the MD2250 Plus allows it to drop from a height of 4 meters to the concrete floor and still provide reliable scanning performance. The outer casing is made of flame-retardant PC material to prevent property from accidental fire. The IP52's dust-proof and water-proof design ensures high performance and long service life in all kinds of harsh environments.

The MD2250 Plus provides you with three optional interface cables, PS2, USB and RS232, which you can freely interchange without having to make complicated settings.

If you are looking for a versatile bar code scanner that is small, durable, high performance and affordable, the MD2250 Plus is your first choice.