MINDEOCS3260 Wireless laser barcode scanner

产品特点:◆ MINDEO的CS3260是专为中小型的商业零售、医疗保健、小型仓库、邮政、中小型物流等需要充分利用无线便利性的场合而设计的。◆ CS3260是高性价比无线条码扫描器的典型设备。支持包括GS1 DataBar的所有通用一维条形码。◆  为节省您工作台面的宝贵空间,CS3260配备小巧的通讯基座,您可以放置于任意一个小的角落或置于墙壁。◆&nbs

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    Features: ◆ MINDEO's CS3260 is designed for small to medium commercial retail, healthcare, small warehouses, postal, small and medium-sized logistics, etc. where wireless convenience is needed.

    ◆ The CS3260 is a typical device for cost-effective wireless barcode scanners. Supports all common 1D barcodes including the GS1 DataBar.

    ◆ To save valuable space on your work surface, the CS3260 is equipped with a compact communication base that you can place in any small corner or on a wall.

    ◆ 200 meters long distance wireless communication distance, making your work more convenient. You don't need to worry about data security beyond the communication range. The CS3260's built-in memory chip will keep the data you read intact, and then re-establish the connection with the base and transfer it to the host in the order you read it. Of course, you can also choose the standard storage mode of operation, no longer subject to space constraints, you can take the handheld terminal to any place for data acquisition, the collected information will be stored in the memory chip designed by MINDEO for CS series. Returning to the working area of the host, reading the command to send the information, the collected information can be transmitted to the host.

    ◆ MINDEO's unique energy-saving and power-saving technology allows your scanner to saturate and charge once, and can scan 160,000 times in a row. Even if the power is not enough, don't worry about the data you collect. The CS3260 has power-off data protection. Equipped with an external charger to keep your work carefree.

    ◆ CS3260 provides LED light prompts and buzzer sound prompts. You can use the settings to make a sound and light prompt match. technical parameter :