MINDEOMINDEO MD6000 2D barcode scanner

采用MINDEO先进的影像条码识读技术,无论是纸质条码,还是电子屏幕条码,均能快速识读。    采用全新的影像自动感应技术,即使扫描窗口被透明物体(如透明玻璃片等)遮挡,也能够处理得游刃有余。智能的白色辅助光照、柔和的绿色瞄准光标、即插即用的接口设计、360°扫描而无需固定条码方向,让您扫描更轻松。    适用于手机支付、零售、医疗、金融、交通、邮政、制造和

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Using MINDEO's advanced image barcode reading technology, both paper barcodes and electronic screen barcodes can be quickly read.

     With the new image auto-sensing technology, even if the scanning window is blocked by transparent objects (such as transparent glass), it can handle it with ease. Intelligent white-assisted illumination, soft green aiming cursor, plug-and-play interface design, 360° scanning without the need for a fixed bar code orientation makes scanning easier.

     Suitable for mobile payment, retail, medical, financial, transportation, postal, manufacturing and logistics.

- Ergonomically designed housing for a comfortable grip.

- Support reading of paper barcodes and electronic screen barcodes.

- Plug and play interface for quick use with other office equipment.

- Image auto-sensing technology, which can be switched between hands-free and handheld modes.


Technical Parameters