Motorola MC9190-G

产品特点:相较以往机型,摩托罗拉 MC9190-G 移动计算机更耐用,功能更强大,显示器分辨率更高,扫描性能更佳、扫描选项也更多。MC9190-G 是大获成功的 MC9000 系列的又一大革新产品,可让工作人员快速准确地处理信息和采取行动,即使在最苛刻的环境中也可应付自如。产品特性及参数最先进的移动操作系统Microsoft Window

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Compared to previous models, the Motorola MC9190-G mobile computer is more durable, more powerful, with higher display resolution, better scanning performance and more scanning options. The MC9190-G is another major innovation in the highly successful MC9000 Series, enabling workers to process information and take action quickly and accurately, even in the most demanding environments.

Product characteristics and parameters

The most advanced mobile operating system

Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.5 enhances interoperability with existing enterprise infrastructure, provides a familiar user interface and a flexible development environment to support multiple existing enterprise applications; Microsoft WinCE 6.0 provides a powerful custom application development platform


Powerful microprocessor designed to enhance mobility

The Marvell PXA320 @ 806 MHz microprocessor delivers desktop performance without consuming battery power ー even for the most demanding multimedia applications


Memory supports all applications

256 MB RAM/1 GB flash and user-accessible SD card slot for 32 GB memory expansion, providing extra memory for databases and other intensive applications, making it more stable and outstanding


Advanced wireless connection

Works with all wireless LANs

Connect to 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz wireless local area networks (WLANs) using 802.11a/b/g triple mode radios for cost-effective voice and data connectivity in offices and hotspots; support for 802.11a calls to segment voice traffic To ensure voice call quality; support VoWLAN for cost-effective voice and voice-guided applications


State of the art Bluetooth

V2.1 Bluetooth with EDR enables wireless connectivity to a wider range of devices, including modems, printers, and headsets;

Simplify pairing; improve safety; reduce power consumption


Government level security covers all WLANs

Ensure that only authorized users have access to devices, data, and networks

Keep your wireless communication and wired communication secure with a variety of security features that don't affect wireless performance. These security features include:

Local FIPS 140-2 Level 1 certification;

Support all the latest encryption and authentication protocols;

Compatible with Motorola Device Protection Mobile Security Suite (device firewall, intrusion prevention, mandatory authentication, and data encryption and integrity monitoring to protect legacy information and received and transmitted data on MC9190-G devices); compatible with Motorola Mobility Virtual Private Network (MVPN)


Durable design

Motorola MAX Durability ー Industry-leading, rugged design for enhanced reliability

· Fall (impact) test: can withstand multiple impacts from 6 ft / 1.8 m high to concrete floor over the operating temperature range; meets and exceeds MIL-STD 810 G

· Fall (impact) test: can withstand multiple impacts from 6 ft / 1.8 m high to concrete floor over the operating temperature range; meets and exceeds MIL-STD 810 G

· IP64 seal: all-round dustproof and splashproof


Multiple scanning options

Motorola MAX data capture enables high-performance capture of virtually any type of barcode, with six scanning options to choose from, and you can choose the most appropriate scanning mode per application:


One-dimensional scanner

SE960: High-performance 1D scanning ー Adaptive scanning maximizes scanning range, even for damaged or attached barcodes in film packaging

SE1524-ER: Medium to low density 1D barcode remote scanning (up to 45 ft / 13.71 m) - including broken or affixed barcodes in film packaging


Two-dimensional imager

SE4500-SR: Low/medium density 1D/2D barcode omnidirectional scanning

SE4600: One-Dimensional/Two-Dimensional Barcode Omni-directional Remote Scanning - Scanning distances from 8 in. / 20.32 cm to 30 ft / 9.14 m


Professional imager

SE4500-DL: Omni-directional scanning of large PDF barcodes on medium to high density 1D/2D barcodes, driver's licenses and other gates and entry and exit ID cards

SE4500-HD: Omni-directional scanning of direct part marks for automotive and aerospace manufacturing, for tracking parts; reading of very high density 1D and 2D barcodes


Motorola MAX sensors provide you with mobile intelligence for perception and action

The auto-rotating screen matches the orientation of the device to expand the display area; the device automatically shuts down to save battery power when not in use; automatically records a drop of more than 4 ft / 1.21 m, improving staff responsibility and troubleshooting; customizable Sensor data in applications such as "man down"



Advanced physical characteristics

Pistol-style ergonomic design for easy and comfortable use

Designed for the most intensive scanning applications for all-weather comfort


Ultra-clear text and images

The best 3.7-inch high-definition backlit color VGA touchscreen display in its class for easy readability in any lighting conditions, from bright daylight to dark environments


Replace your keyboard with a Motorola MAX keyboard in minutes

Six interchangeable keyboards make it easy to enter data in a variety of applications, and if your data entry conditions change or your keyboard is damaged, the modular architecture allows you to change keyboards in minutes


Easy asset management

Integrated UHF Gen 2 RFID tags for real-time “contactless” tracking


Backwards compatible with all MC9000 accessories

Upgrade to the latest mobile technology while protecting your existing attachment investment


Easily port existing MC9000 Series applications

A common platform ensures that you can quickly migrate existing MC9000 applications to the MC9190-G, allowing you to use the latest technology while protecting your existing application investment


Convenient centralized management

Easily manage your global equipment and accessories remotely

Compatible with the Motorola Mobility Services Platform (MSP), it provides comprehensive and flexible access to a wide range of mobile computers and their associated peripherals worldwide with a single console

Live centralized management


End-to-end support services

Increase uptime and reduce support costs with an all-inclusive support program

The optional Service from the Start with Comprehensive Coverage service is comprehensive and comprehensive, covering not only normal wear and tear, but also accidental damage to internal and external components of equipment and designated accessories.