MINDEO Mobile Lightweight Data Collector MS3590

         MS3590是一款基于C编程语言的轻量级数据采集器。采用MINDEO自主研发的图像处理技术,可轻松、快速识读国内、国际通用的1D/2D条码,可配置Bluetooth或Wi-Fi无线通信模块。    重量轻、体积小,可以轻松放入口袋,携带方便。符合人体工学的设计,握感舒适。配备智能辅助光照调节

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The MS3590 is a lightweight data collector based on the C programming language. With the image processing technology independently developed by MINDEO, it can easily and quickly read domestic and international 1D/2D barcodes, and can be configured with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi wireless communication modules.

    Lightweight and small, it fits easily into your pocket for easy carrying. Ergonomic design for a comfortable grip. Equipped with intelligent auxiliary lighting adjustment algorithm to adapt to different light intensity environments. 360° arbitrarily read bar code, super error correction ability, fast reading speed. Compatible with Apple iOS, Android OS, Windows OS, can be used as input device for PC, smart phone, tablet, PDA, real-time data transmission.

    Mobile and flexible, suitable for medical, manufacturing and warehousing management industries.


◆ Support reading barcodes such as paper, screen display, reverse color, DPM, etc.

◆ Support for reading non-standard barcodes such as high density, printing distortion, wrinkles, breakage, etc.

◆ Support for secondary development APP by SDK (based on C language) provided by MINDEO

◆ Can support Bluetooth (Class II) wireless communication, communication distance up to 30 meters (free space)

◆ Support Wi-Fi wireless communication, communication distance up to 100 meters (free space)

◆ Support USB HID keyboard, USB virtual serial port and U disk three working modes

◆ Support iOS Bluetooth input method, the scanner can control the pop-up and hide of the screen keyboard of iOS devices

◆ Support multiple database import and real-time data query

◆ Support to display barcode information containing multiple texts (such as Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, etc.)

◆ Large-capacity data storage: 96MB (U disk mode), 16MB (out-of-area storage / batch mode)

◆ Equipped with 1900mAh lithium battery, can work continuously for 9 hours (scan and transfer every 5 seconds), standby for 12 days

◆ IP65's waterproof and dustproof level can withstand the impact of multiple drops from 1.2 meters to the concrete floor.