Fixed asset bar code management solutions

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Bar code fixed assets management solutions

Fixed asset itself has a high value, long life cycle, using locations scattered, difficult to manage, the current asset management system generally has the following aspects:
1, the inventory for a long time, every time inventory requires a lot of manpower and material resources;
2, fixed assets scattered distribution and variety, prone to human error and missed;
3, after the fixed assets property changes, difficult to update, track;
Advantages bar code inventory of fixed assets are as follows: 1, the input speed;
2, high accuracy;
3, the amount of information;
4, flexible and practical, easy to integrate;
5, making simple, mature technology, low cost;

An Introduction and system management processes
1. Prepare fixed asset bar code labels;
Cancel fixed asset write by hand or ordinary label printer to print. In the coding system based on bar code forms to display, use the special bar code label printer to print out to special media. Take advantage of the professional bar code printers, use waterproof, anti-oil, anti-tear labels, fixed asset labels to ensure long-term preservation and clear. The label with the bar code information is attached to the fixed assets.
2. Fixed Assets Management field data terminal;
Fixed assets located in various departments and business premises, fixed asset tracking and inventory must go to each site data collection and entry. This time to the fixed asset manager with handheld computers with barcode scanning function can be performed on-site data collection, information entry and other remarks including changing the status change information, use sector. At the same time in the field may also be relevant information, the data before the system will download the handheld terminal.
3. upload and sync data;
Upload data collected in the field to the fixed asset management system, the data is automatically updated in the system. You can also download the data in the system after the update to the handheld terminal, so that the field inquiry and calls.

System Configuration program
Bar code equipment selection:
1) bar code label printers: TBY-G200 / G300 industrial-type bar code label printers (as shown below) for fixed asset bar code label printing;


2) data acquisition: TBY-80 type wireless real-time or batch type HT-630 (as shown below), for the acquisition of fixed assets data, information entry and inquiry;


Software management system:
1) Fixed Assets Management Software
2) Other
PC computer or server, WINDOWS operating system

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