Pharmaceutical logistics solutions

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1. System overview
    In recent years, with the deepening of China's pharmaceutical circulation system reform, China's pharmaceutical logistics construction can be described as in full swing, the construction of logistics system begun to take shape, but as an important means to enhance the management level and improve the efficiency of the information level is still relatively low.
     Pharmaceutical production and distribution of different products with ordinary products, pharmaceutical production and logistics services require a relatively high, regardless of production logistics or sales logistics requirements to reduce operations, reduce contact and pollution probability, the product batch and single product management, product flow Distribution tracking management. In view of the characteristics of the pharmaceutical industry, combined with years of logistics management consulting and system implementation experience, has introduced for pharmaceutical production, sales, distribution and other aspects of logistics management needs of the pharmaceutical logistics solutions, the program based on logistics business processes, Chain supply, production, sales activities, a high degree of integration, to achieve timely information sharing, the maximum reduction of inventory, improve market reaction speed. The biggest feature of the program is based on bar code to achieve logistics operations and tracking.
     The program is suitable for pharmaceutical production enterprises in the production logistics, sales logistics, but also for pharmaceutical distribution, pharmaceutical logistics or chain retail business logistics management. The program can be used in accordance with different modules can also be integrated use, but also with the ERP, financial management system used in common.
     The main modules of the system include: medicine storage management, enterprise resource management, procurement management, order management, distribution / transportation management, report analysis and so on.
    2. System platform
· Server: Windows NT server, IBM RS / 6000, IBM AS / 400, HP 9000, SUN Solaries server;
· Database: Oracle, IBM DB2, MS-SQL Server, etc .;
· Terminal: Windows PC, RF handheld wireless terminal, VT100 character terminal;
· Network: 10 / 100M Ethernet, 802.11 wireless network, RS232 serial communication network.
    3. System basic functions
    4. Medical storage management system
    Treasury, storage allocation;
    Customer and contract management;
    Out of storage management;
    Transfer management
    Support RF, a variety of handheld terminals, automated storage equipment operations, the system supports bar code;
    Support the delivery of raw materials for the production line;
    Quality inspection and packaging, such as circulation processing;
    Job monitoring and scheduling;
    At any time to check each type of drugs, the inventory of each drug, out of the library history of the breakdown, each out of the library under the total amount of library and out of the library details;
    Support a variety of ways to carry out the business, such as poverty alleviation donations, loss out of the library, reported loss of the library;
    Inventory warning: the upper and lower limits of drug inventory set, timely replenishment and stop the purchase of early warning;
    Drug effectiveness warning: so that the relevant personnel can keep abreast of what drugs are approaching the shelf life or has reached the shelf life;
    Drug inventory and adjustment functions, the system provides a variety of inventory methods such as day plate, monthly, random disk, cycle inventory or by area inventory, etc., and the ability to deal with inventory results;
    5. Enterprise resources
    Institutional management: the organization of the enterprise management, such as branch offices, branch offices, departmental information management, the system-related personnel management and rights management;
    Machinery and equipment management: the logistics operations may be involved in the machinery and equipment such as forklifts, cars and other management;
    Personnel performance appraisal;
    Equipment maintenance;
    6. Purchasing management system
    Supplier management: supplier basic information, credit rating, medical type, price, order implementation, pay status;
    Price management: According to the particularity of the pharmaceutical industry, increase the price of the importation of documents, inquiries, real-time update of various drugs at different times, different places, different origin, different manufacturers of the price situation;
    Procurement management: drug procurement management system inventory on the lower limit set, timely replenishment and stop the purchase of early warning, issued purchase, return instructions;
    Drug property definition: set the drug properties such as trade names, chemical name, unique code, mnemonic, specifications, the amount of units, the amount of units, the ratio of dispersion, a variety of standard classification;
    Business monitoring: monitoring the implementation of each business, whether the goods have been to the Treasury, warehousing documents, the number of unqualified, batch, etc .;
    Information query: a comprehensive procurement business query function;
    7. Order management system
    Customer management: customer basic information, credit rating, sales to the customer's cargo situation, the status of receivables;
    Price management: according to the particularity of the pharmaceutical industry, an increase of the import price adjustment documents, inquiries, real-time update of various drugs in different periods, different places, different customer prices;
    Sales management: issued shipping, return orders such as drug units, name, size, quantity, purchase price, price, retail price, pieces of packaging, origin, batch number,
    Business monitoring: monitoring the implementation of each business: whether the goods delivered to customers, the documents, the number of libraries, batches, etc .;
    Information query: a comprehensive procurement business query function.
    8. Transportation and distribution management
    The generation of transportation and distribution tasks;
    Transportation and distribution of vehicles;
    Picking and route selection;
    Delivery status tracking;
    Sign a single entry;
    9. Report analysis
    Accurate, real-time business data, cost, profit situation and other statistical analysis data;
    Various departments, branches, the branch of the work progress, operating conditions;
    The progress of each business staff, staff efficiency;
    The implementation of each business, purchase, sales and warehouse management and other aspects of coordination status;
    According to the needs of sub-categories, sub-units and other different standards for ranking, statistical analysis;

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