Manufacturers use electronic monitoring code endowed program!

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Manufacturers use the electronic monitoring code code program new!

       According to the spirit of the State Council, as well as the State Administration of Quality Supervision, Ministry of Commerce, State Administration for Industry and Commerce, to strengthen the product quality and food safety control and management, has been imperative, June 1, 2008 will formally implement the electronic regulatory code system, And can not be required for the product code of the relevant enterprises, will be in December 31, 2008 after all out of the Chinese market!

       Although the electronic monitoring code has also been questioned by the enterprise, but it seems imperative, manufacturers are also thinking about how to save costs.

       In the actual operation, the different ways to lead to different costs, there are several ways:

       To find the designated printing business production labels, the code covered, and then manually in the product above the target, also posted the previous anti-counterfeit labels similar;
       Directly to the electronic monitoring code information printed on the product outside the box, but it seems that this technology and the price is not cost-effective;
Purchase the bar code printer to print their own, and then use the automatic posting machine label; (which seems to be the current manufacturers are willing to use the program);
       With inkjet printer / laser machine to print the data on the product packaging;
       At present, manufacturers intended to use seems to be the first 1,3,4 three programs, because the second program cost is too high.
       The following simple analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of different ways:

Advantages: the existing production line changes little, just increase the staff to meet the country's requirements for electronic supervision; Disadvantages: mainly from the cost, printing costs and labor costs.
Advantages: very perfect, but very expensive
Advantages: in the production line packaging to increase production processes, low cost, without increasing labor costs, printing costs save some. Disadvantages: good solution providers can choose not much.
Advantages: If all the inkjet printer or laser machine is like the machine parameters inside that, this is undoubtedly the most perfect solution, but in fact both videojet, domino, linx, imaje Although the machine itself supports bar code, two-dimensional code Of the printing and marking, but in actual use which is not ideal, basically can not be said to be mass production.
According to the analysis, the wait-and-see attitude of the manufacturers generally will use 1,3 two kinds of programs, or find manufacturers to print, or their own change process, with the label machine.

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