How Barcode Printers should care?

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How should barcode printers be maintained?
      The printer keeps the printhead clean during use to ensure print quality and extended printhead life. Print the printhead, roller, ribbon sensor with alcohol when printing a roll of label. When you replace the print cable, first turn off the printer, the computer, and then connect the cable. Note: cleaning the print head and so on when you first turn off the power, the print head is a precision parts, the best experts to help clean!

Printhead pressure adjustment
Adjust the printhead pressure according to the different media to print. The pressure of the print head under normal circumstances: adjust the nut to print the best position when the best. Otherwise, long-term printing will appear roller deformation, resulting in ribbon wrinkles, poor printing results.
All the indicators on the printer are on and the LCD is not displayed and can not be operated
Reason: motherboard or EPROM damage Solution: Contact your distribution vendor, replace the motherboard or install the EPROM correctly
All the indicators on the printer are flashing and can not be measured
Cause: Sensor failure solution: Clean the sensor surface dust or contact your dealer to replace the sensor
The printer prints a vertical line
Cause: The surface of the printhead is sticky with dust or the printer is exposed for long periods. Solution: Use alcohol to clean the printhead or replace the printhead
A tape or label paper appears in the printer
Reason: the uneven pressure of the paper and the limiter does not press the table to adjust the width of the solution: adjust the spring and limit paper
Print is not clear, poor quality ---- reason:
1 temperature is too low
2 Ribbon label is too bad
3 The printhead is not installed correctly

1 Increase the print temperature, that is, increase the print density
2 Replace the ribbon and label paper
3 Re-adjust the printhead position, with particular attention to the height of the left and right

Tape wrinkles ---- Reason:
1 Ribbon is not properly encircled on the machine
2 The temperature setting is not correct
3 The printhead pressure and balance settings are incorrect
4 media does not set the amount of paper correctly

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