Basic knowledge of electronic monitoring code

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Basic knowledge about electronic regulatory codes new!
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An electronic regulatory code is proposed
In December 4, 2007, the State Quality Inspection Administration in the "notice on the implementation of the" State Council on strengthening the food safety supervision and management of special provisions on implementation of "product quality electronic supervision" (national quality inspection MS 2007 No. 582), decided to include industrial products production license and compulsory product certification (CCC) to implement electronic monitoring of key products management". Food, household appliances, wood-based panel, wire and cable, agricultural, gas appliances, labor protection supplies, blankets, cosmetics and other 9 categories of 69 kinds of key products in June 2008 before the end of the full implementation of the electronic supervision, all products add electronic monitoring code to be listed.
What are the electronic regulatory codes? What's the use?
Electronic regulatory code is the Chinese government to implement electronic monitoring of products, for each product given logo. Each product's electronic regulatory code is unique, that is, "one piece one yard", as if the identity of the goods, referred to as regulatory code.
The electronic supervision code from the 16 upgrade to 20, enterprises accurately register their products after encoding, electronic monitoring code can establish correspondence between encoding and commodity, completed in the retail sector settlement pricing function.
Production enterprises through the electronic supervision code will be the source of information transmission, and other products to the production quality supervision network database, circulation enterprises through the electronic monitoring code for incoming inspection and acceptance and purchase information transmitted to the monitoring network database, the sales information transmitted to the monitoring network database at the time of sale, these data information for consumers and with the quality of query for the government, law enforcement, quality traceability and recall management, for enterprises to understand the market supply and demand, sales channels and fake information.
Characteristics of electronic regulatory code
1, one by one
It breaks through the traditional "one class and one size" mechanism, and achieves the unique identification of each product and the whole process tracking. It realizes the functions of government supervision, logistics application, merchant settlement and consumer inquiry.
2 、 the database stores dynamic information
In order to break through the quality information and dynamic information can be printed circulation limitations, and supervision on the product of real-time dynamic information stored in the large scale supervision database, at the same time to meet the real-time dynamic information of production, circulation and consumption, the use of shared regulatory requirements.
3, the national coverage
As a result of the production of products in one place and the circulation and sale in the whole country, only through the unified and seamless system network platform can the whole process of supervision be satisfied.
4, the whole process tracking
Supervision on the source of production, circulation and consumption of products of the whole closed-loop information collection, with the function of quality inspection, industry and commerce, business technology, drug administration and other relevant departments of information sharing and process linkage, to achieve traceability of product quality responsibility, recall and law enforcement and provide necessary information support.
What's the difference between an electronic surveillance code and a commodity barcode?
In 13 the barcode for commodity retail goods (mainly EAN-13/8) is an international organization released non mandatory standards, is a kind of code, mainly for POS scanning can not distinguish between true and false settlement, and record the quality of products, product circulation tracking is not suitable not, jewelry, and other complex agricultural prices or sold in supermarkets the product.
The electronic supervision code is China provisions of the national product identification, is a piece of code, can achieve full supervision of production, circulation and consumption, to achieve product quality traceability, recall judgment, function management and tracking, etc., can be convenient for jewelry, agricultural special products such as Fu code.
The role of electronic regulatory code and regulatory network
The regulatory network for each product has a unique electronic monitoring code, to achieve a code management, the electronic supervision code corresponding to the production, circulation and consumption of real-time dynamic information collected in the database, by tens of thousands of billion products support hundreds of thousands of enterprises nationwide, seamless network of large database and professional customer service Center for the government, from the source to achieve the quality supervision of the establishment of electronic archives, to market to achieve traceability certificate and invoice, implement incoming inspection and acceptance, establish procurement of electronic ledger and defective products provides information technology guarantee recall. The eventual establishment of electronic supervision chain industrial process from raw materials into the plant, production and processing, factory sales to customer service service, established from plant breeding, production and processing, distribution and sales to food consumption of food during the whole process of electronic control chain, provides information technology platform for the establishment of the product quality and food safety traceability and quality responsibility to investigate the system established, covering the whole society product quality electronic supervision network.
Through supervision network, production companies and distribution companies can quickly understand the product market situation, the protection of intellectual property rights, to achieve brand promotion, master of logistics information; consumers can use SMS, telephone, network and terminal facilities and other forms of product authenticity and quality information; the supervision of law enforcement departments can grasp the illegal counterfeit related products and timely information and take prompt the law enforcement action, process traceability and accountability of quality problems, timely and accurate management of the problem and recall of defective products, the government supervision, self-discipline and social supervision are well combined, promote the construction of harmonious society.
Electronic supervision code system
* system overview
China's electronic monitoring network for product quality is a regulatory network for the construction of "two chains, two systems and one network", which was put forward by the State Council to strengthen product quality and food safety

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