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November of Beijing increasingly cold, we have felt the breath of winter. In this cold atmosphere, the office manufacturers are also quiet a lot, no before the new content of the bustling scene. Here we take a look at the major office printer brand in November how much attention.

Beijing, November 25, 2011 ITbrand for the global IT brand using a unique brand value assessment method to calculate the brand influence, and accordingly issued the "best IT brand list." The factors that affect the IT brand ranking include:

• Product exposure
• Innovative competitiveness of enterprises
• Product attention
• Product sales
• After-sales service evaluation

November Silicon Valley power printer brand list
Rank brand trend index on behalf of the product on behalf of more users
1 HP 1356 hp1020
Next month launched last month ranking
2 Canon 1015 Canon iP1180
Next month launched last month ranking
3 Epson 850 Epson R230
Next month launched last month ranking
4 Brothers 637 Brothers 2820
Next month launched last month ranking
Fuji Xerox 561 Fuji Xerox 3117
Next month launched last month ranking
Samsung 298 Samsung 1666
Next month launched last month ranking
7 Lenovo 209 Lenovo LJ2200
Next month launched last month ranking
8 Konica Minolta 100 Konica Minolta 1600W
Next month launched last month ranking
9 OKI 99 OKI 5530SC
Next month launched last month ranking
10 Lexmark 71 Lexmark E260dn
Next month launched last month ranking

The top three positions in the current issue are the same as last, and HP, Canon and Epson are still among the top three positions. However, we can see that HP's first throne position more and more solid, and Canon and Epson's gap between the more and more obvious, whether this indicates that Canon has surpassed Epson, becoming the second largest office brand yet. In addition, four to ten ranking is still no change.

HP's top position is firm

HP's ranking of the first throne more and more solid, in terms of attention has also been improved. Hewlett-Packard recently announced to the industry a new color laser printer, HP Laserjet Enterprise 500 Color M551 color laser printer. Perhaps felt the pressure from Canon, HP made a response. Hewlett-Packard in the field of color laser printer has been in the position of Big Brother, the Canon launched a series of color laser printing products, the market attention is high. Xiao Bian that HP does not want their status to be shaken, and thus launched the M551 series of color laser printer as a counterattack.

Canon Yuezhanyueyong, ranked second

Since the last time the brand ranked Canon for the first time after more than Epson, the current ITbrand ranking Canon's attention to further enhance the more stable second place, and gradually opened the gap with Epson. Here we would like to congratulate Canon, and hope that Canon in the solid at the same time, put their own advantages of the project: inkjet printing products, carry forward.

In addition, Canon into the color laser printing market, indicating the Canon's ability to grasp the market to the market, in most manufacturers are not optimistic about the laser printing products, Canon has launched a series of color laser printing products, highlighting the Canon The ability to analyze the market and the confidence of their own products.

Epson drifted away?

Epson's recent market all the way down from the previous stable second, to now fall to third, and Canon has had a gap, in order to fight back from where to start? Epson before the introduction of a series of low-cost printing products, although the consumer is a big good news. However, such as the printer to rely on the goods maintenance industry, to abandon the sale of high-priced high-quality original supplies strategy, instead of the market with a large number of compatible supplies and even for the cost of the system to fight in China, this cohabitation office market, I do not know If we can succeed, we will wait and see.

Konica Minolta public environmental protection is correct

Konica Minolta not only focus on office systems and print products to promote research and development, domestic environmental protection and public welfare activities are also very concerned about. Konica Minolta recently held a series of public welfare activities, intended to promote the implementation of green printing in the country and Konica Minolta public welfare activities on the community's influence.

Konica Minolta in November launched its production of color digital printing new member bizhub PRESS C70hc. This product is known for its unique color performance, the first high-color polymerization of toner, more vivid hue to bring a strong visual impact, with its wide color gamut, can be restored as offset and close to sRGB real Color, not only to the photographic industry, design industry and fast printing industry users have more selectivity, but also to meet the proofing and publishing industry, the high demand for users, but also greatly broaden the color on demand printing applications.

OKI by LED technology to seize the market

Speaking OKI, LED technology had to mention, LED printing is different from the laser printing, is a new type of printing technology. OKI's LED printing technology has been in the forefront of the industry level, compared to laser printing, LED printing is not only more energy efficient and environmentally friendly, and print resolution higher, these advantages can be used properly, can attract many consumers.

As the community is now promoting green green, print the same market. If OKI can be developed in the LED printing technology with green green advantage of the product, I believe you can win a large part of the printing market. And OKI recently held in Beijing in the first OKI printer experience space opening ceremony, OKI printer experience space to help the media and users OKI print office products to further understand, which also helps OKI in the domestic brand promotion and market expand.

About ITbrand

In the case of

ITbrand is eNet Silicon Valley power brand, is the leading IT brand research institutions. ITbrand to help consumers buy products for the purpose of in-depth study of IT brand live, accurate evaluation of the advantages and disadvantages of IT brand to ensure that the brand list of fairness, accuracy, and thus widely recognized within and outside the industry. At the same time, also helped the brand master to effectively create, understand and manage the brand. The list is released once a month, is the benchmark for China IT brand.

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