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Mobile wireless data collection solutions
With the development of mobile technology and wireless communications technology, and all walks of life increasingly diverse needs of IT technology, mobile terminal devices are increasingly applied to various fields, in these areas, the most widely used is the use of mobile in some terminal equipment is not suitable for the PC working environment for data acquisition, and then synchronize the data to a PC or a back-end database for processing data based mobile data collection terminal solutions can reduce the data collection manual intervention, reduce duplication, improve efficiency, the scheme can ensure the timeliness and accuracy of data collection, improving the quality of the work of data collection.
Fortress letter as a professional company to provide mobile application solutions company, with reference to the mobile device manufacturers and mobile peripheral equipment manufacturers to provide hardware platform, combined with advanced data acquisition software systems, coupled with our fast and efficient software custom development services, to provide you with a complete set of data collection solutions.

1 .. diverse data collection terminal. Users can choose from a variety of mobile devices according to their actual needs and circumstances, the solution supports the use of mobile devices have Palm OS, Pocket PC (Windows CE), Symbian, Pocket PC, support a variety of smart phones, and other use of open OS and Pocket PC handheld devices.
2. The flexible data collection methods. Use handheld scalability, it can easily take advantage of handwriting recognition, barcode scanner, IC card reader, digital camera, GPS, and other digital recording accessory expansion assist data collection, while the rich data acquisition formats.
3. The variety of data communication. In the mobile device and synchronize the database, you can use a variety of ways to synchronize base, infrared, dial-up, wireless connectivity, including wireless networking support CDPD, GSM, GPRS and other wireless wide area network and the 802.11 family of wireless LAN.
4. can communicate with professional equipment. It can be connected to the read and record data on a variety of professional testing equipment through the serial lines, parallel lines, and other data connections.
5. Support online real-time or batch two kinds of offline synchronization and data exchange.
6. A variety of database support. Embedded mobile data terminal can be used to support mobile database Oracle, Sybase, IBM and MicroSoft and other vendors, but also supports a variety of back-end database support mainstream database systems and support ODBC, JDBC database system.
7. efficient custom development. For different specific cases, we will provide comprehensive custom development services, allowing users to enjoy the full-stop full service.
Technical program structure

The software architecture of the program consists of three parts: a mobile terminal, data synchronization server, back-end database.

1. The mobile terminal
Including mobile database and user data collection business logic, user data acquisition business logic to complete the data collection and the collected data is stored in the mobile database.
2. Data Synchronization Server
Complete mobile database and back-end database data synchronization according to the corresponding business rules.
3. The back-end database
May be a standalone database system, it can be in both the enterprise information system database system.

Business Process
Business processes of the program are as follows:
1. Data initialization
According to the business logic and user properties, initialization mobile database, and download the data to the mobile terminal.
2. Data Collection
A user carrying the mobile terminal to the service site data collection, data entry can take a variety of data input handwriting, keys, barcode scanner, IC card readers, digital cameras, GPS, etc., can also be serial and parallel data lines, etc. connecting special equipment to read the data.
3. On-site processing
End user data collection, if necessary, on-site data processing, real-time to get the results you want, the results can be reflected in a number of ways: text, sound, images, animations and so on.
4. Data Upload
End user data collection or after the scene, it can through a variety of wired or wireless network, as well as a variety of data interfaces Data will be collected through the synchronization server to upload the back-end database.
5. Data Processing
After the back-end business systems for processing the collected data in accordance with business needs, a complete data acquisition process is complete.
Application examples
Fortress letter barcode program for a variety of highly mobile field work data collection, data query, live processing, data transmission, etc., for example, can be used in meter reading fee, geological department of electricity, water and gas industry of field data collection and analysis, military field detection equipment, power, transportation, communications and so on patrol monitoring, application areas including energy, geology, petroleum, business, weather, military and instrumentation.
The following is some typical application case scenarios:
1. Equipment Support Data Helper
The case is a unit of the PLA implementation, mainly used for collecting field data or other on-site equipment, but also provides data query, document query. The system uses bar code scanning technology to identify the device.
2. Automotive Operations Management Information System Audit System
The case is the Ministry of Communications in order to implement the new regulations concerning the operation of automotive product research and development projects, transportation management department inspectors to hold the system operator of the vehicle to force two maintenance inspection, the operator of the vehicle is equipped with recording IC card related information, inspection system inspection conditions written into the IC card, and at the right time synchronized to the master database.
3. GPS Power Line Inspection System
To better facilitate and supervise the work of patrol line staff of power, the program will GPS global positioning system and data acquisition systems combine, in the line patrol officers patrol the line, in addition to the line conditions recorded in the handheld, but also to the pole position information into the database.

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