RFID Warehouse Management System

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RFID Warehouse Management System

Background of the project

Traditional warehouse management, generally dependent on a non-automated, paper-based system to record and track incoming and outgoing goods, is entirely managed by the interior of the warehouse, so the efficiency of warehouse management is extremely low and can manage the warehouse The scale is very small. With the popularity of computer applications, the majority of the enterprise's warehouse management data has begun to use computer data system management, but the data or the first paper records, and then manually enter the computer to collect and statistical finishing. This not only caused a lot of waste of human resources, and because of human factors, data entry speed is slow, low accuracy. With the continuous development of enterprise scale, the number of warehouses in the warehouse management is increasing, the frequency of warehousing and storage is increasing, and the warehouse management operation has become very complicated and diversified. The traditional artificial warehouse operation mode and data collection method have been difficult to meet the warehouse Management of the fast and accurate requirements, a serious impact on the operation of the enterprise efficiency, as a major obstacle to the development of enterprises.



Application target

1, out of storage automation

No longer need a variety of documents to transfer the goods, no longer need to fill out the storage information afterwards. RFID intelligent warehouse software can automatically query the document information, automatic submission of information related to the storage, the whole real-time feedback out of storage site work.


2, easy tally

Do not consider whether to remember the goods on the location, do not consider whether the goods move, the stock location is not correct. RFID intelligent warehouse software can quickly query the location of the goods information, quickly submit tally action, easy to solve the tally problem.


3, accurate inventory, save time and effort

No longer need to print inventory table, do not record the goods information, do not manually summarize the inventory. RFID intelligent warehouse system can use the software management module, automatically record the inventory data to solve the inventory when the data records and data summary of the two time-consuming and laborious problems.


4, RFID identification

Identify objectives: location information, cargo information, RFID smart warehouse system is quickly grasp the warehouse management information technology base.


5, process standardization

Including the outbound and outbound processes and the internal management of the warehouse, for the traditional warehouse management of the blind area, in the warehouse to enhance the efficiency of staff within the first line.

RFID smart warehouse solution

1, out of storage collection


2, inventory collection


3, cargo tracking


4, label damage remedy



5, equipment communication



Implementation of RFID Smart Warehouse Solution


1, warehouse real-time control



2, personalized key performance indicators


RFID Smart Warehouse Solution - Application Benefits



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