• Deeply Analyze the Principle, Advantage and Application of RFID Tag Technology

    [导读] 2010年中国RFID产业进入了成长期,市场规模高速增长,首次突破百亿规模,达到121.5亿元人民币,比2009年增长了42.8%,跃居全球第三位,仅次于美国和英国。电子标签产业发展态势  2010年中国RFID产业进入了成长期,市场规模高速增长,首次突破百亿规模,达到121.5亿元人民币,比2009年增长了42.8%,跃居全球第三位,仅次于美国和英国。  无线射频识别技术(R

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  • Printer brand list released

    November of Beijing increasingly cold, we have felt the breath of winter. In this cold atmosphere, the office manufacturers are also quiet a lot, no before the new content of the bustling scene. Here

    2019/07/18 61

  • Basic knowledge of electronic monitoring code

    Basic knowledge about electronic regulatory codes new!Consultant Mr. Li, tel:15986640495An electronic regulatory code is proposedIn December 4, 2007, the State Quality Inspection Administration in the

    2019/07/18 84

  • How Barcode Printers should care?

    How should barcode printers be maintained?      The printer keeps the printhead clean during use to ensure print quality and extended printhead life. Print the printhead,

    2019/07/18 94

  • Manufacturers use electronic monitoring code endowed program!

    Manufacturers use the electronic monitoring code code program new!       According to the spirit of the State Council, as well as the State Administration of Quality

    2019/07/18 70

  • Wireless Barcode: accelerating apparel industry information

    A new two generation upgraded smart health bracelet H2 is launched by Tmall. The initial price of Tmall is only 70 percent off yuan, which only needs 158 yuan. The number of mobile power supply is up

    2019/07/18 60

  • RFID system works and its structure (Figure)

    RFID system works and its structure (Figure)RFID system works and its structure (Figure)A complete RFID system consists of a reader (Reader) and an electronic tag (TAG), the so-called transponder (Tra

    2019/07/18 83

  • Label Category Description

    Recently, Xi Jinping in the "review", a variety of artificial intelligence robot, the development of intelligent Gowild technology companies in the world's first social emotional robot &

    2019/07/18 49

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